About 4EY: CEO of 4Ever Young Music Group, Russell Webster was looking to bring back the nostalgia of good music, sharp choreography and genuine symmetry earlier singing groups provided. He wanted listeners to hear those luscious melodies and feel-good lyrics that he grew up on. He decided to seek out and mold 3 young men with drive, ambition and immense raw talent.

Though each member was discovered separately, vigorously auditioned, signed as solo artists then later pieced together as a vision, the fluidity of their friendship now runs as deep as their synchronicity. It shows in the quality of their live performance as well as their professionally recorded materials. Before there was a 4EY The Future there were 3 young men giving their all and following their dreams.

The first member of 4EY The Future to be discovered was Kenny Iko. The Washington D.C. native has an extensive background in singing and performance arts. Kenny persevered despite being bullied for his interest in singing. Rather than succumbing to negativity he embraced his God-given talent and used it to fuel his ambition. The more he shared new music with his peers the more the tormenting became adoration. Kenny began singing with local Go-Go groups such as Reaction Band and then moved on to create a successful solo album. He had done a great deal of ground work on his own, opening up for mainstream talents such as Chrisette Michele and Lil Bow Wow. He auditioned for Russell Webster and was signed to 4Ever Young Music Group as a solo artist. Things seemed as wonderful as they could get for Kenny Iko. He was signed to a prestigious company and he began to put in hard work immediately. Little did he know, this blessed journey would only grow bigger and better with time.

The next member to be discovered was Mechie So Crazy. Mechie was another solo artist working hard to fulfill big dreams. He grew up dancing, rapping and singing. His family deemed him a natural born performer at a young age and his mother was always very supportive of his talent. She encouraged him to shine brightly and share his gift. He began performing in his family church and local contests. It wasn’t long before his drive and determination afforded him opportunities to open up for talents such as French Montana, Curren$y and Miguel in major arenas. His previous manager put the buzz in his ear about a new label called 4Ever Young Music Group and his interest peaked. Mechie So Crazy endured the same vigorous audition process as Kenny Iko and like Kenny his talent was refreshing and undeniable. The two artists bonded as newly signed additions to the company and inadvertently gelled as more of a duo, bouncing rhythms and harmonies back and forth in the studio. They practiced together and became friends. It became clear to management the two young men were strong and dynamic as a group.

The third member and most recent addition is Leo Amari. As a long-time friend of Kenny Iko, Leo and Kenny spent years congratulating each other in their accomplishments and sharing the music they had made individually. The Maryland native started as a keyboard player for a few Go-Go bands during middle school then developed into a producer during his high school years. As Leo Amari’s talent and recognition grew stronger Kenny realized he would serve as the perfect addition to the group. He introduced Leo to 4Ever Young Music Group. Leo Amari practiced and provided a stellar audition for everyone. He truly impressed the crowd. It was a unanimous decision that Leo Amari would be signed and finally complete the group that is now 4EY The Future.

4EY The Future is a fine tuned well-oiled machine. Fully equipped with the 4Ever Young Music Group artist development program which provides professional choreographers under the direction of celebrity choreographer Joshua Morgan, vocal coach guru Reggie Washington, producers, song writers and a stellar management team, this group is fully prepared to reach beyond the DMV and make its mark on the world. Since then 4EY The Future has had a two year whirlwind of excitement and opportunity. They have been the only group that are members of an independent label yet have performed at every major arena in the D.C metropolitan area. Their first show was at the Verizon Center in front of an audience with upwards of 15,000 guests. During their first year together 4EY The Future also put on an amazing performance at The BET Experience in Los Angeles CA. They have since returned a second time, now more seasoned with an extensive fan base and respected as successful break-out Pop artists. Earlier this year 4EY The Future also took home the Titan Award for the best new break-out artists in the D.C. metropolitan area. Their first hit single “Scoot Ova” has graced airwaves both locally on WKYS 93.9 FM and WPGC 95.5 as well as nationally. The feedback has been tremendously positive and has fueled a major dance craze. They have also been an inspiration to thousands of youth, spreading their music and wisdom to high schools during their Fandemonium Tour. The success of 4Ever Young Music Group and its gem 4EY the Future warranted interest from many mainstream labels. CEO Russell Webster searched for the perfect fit for the company and they have now partnered comfortably with Eone and Universal overseas. Currently the group is on their nationwide No Time To Waste Tour promoting their debut single entitled “No Time To Waste” produced by Grammy nominated producer Yung Berg (Hitmaka).

The group has also derived innovative beats from 4Ever Young Music Group producers and songwriters Juice –N- Tea, Dre Sanatra and Hug The Pen who wrote the group’s ballads “Come My Way” and “Lucky”. Other collaborations include Drumma Boy who has worked with the likes of August Alsina and Drake, Zaytoven who has attributed to Future and The Migos sound, and Lee on the Beats who has produced many hit records for DJ Khaled.

This young group and their immense talent have proven in a short period of time that hard work, dedication and faith can turn passionate dreams into a beautiful reality. Though they have achieved success already they are anything but complacent and their determination continues to open doors for infinite possibilities. Let their lyrics and soothing intonation be the soundtrack to your life. Keep up with 4EY The Future at www.4eythefuture.com for upcoming tour dates, new music and photos.

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