How to Get on Blogs

Most blogs have a Submit Page, and any of them worth their salt usually have guidelines for submissions. Those aren’t suggestions that you can either abide by or not. Take the time to get familiar with them and make sure all of them are met. If your submission is on the fringe of maybe not getting posted, a properly addressed/formatted/interesting e-mail may save you. Blogs like DMVLIFE get a ton of emails every day. They don’t have time to send reply e-mails like “Hey I was going to post this song but you didn’t attach the….” it simply gets deleted; they shed a thug tear and then they move on. This is usually your first impression; make it a good one. Write a well-crafted, succinct e-mail and personalize it to each blog you are sending it to. Personalization is key (sometimes cajolery works, as well). After all, you are hoping to foster a long-term relationship with them. Try following on Facebook or Twitter. Interact a few times so you can refer “to that time we shared a moment.”

Also, if you really do insist on trying to send an e-mail with a “Yo, I love the blog.” generic e-mail… for the love of god learn to use the BCC: function on an e-mail. Seriously, no blog wants to see 35 other sites you are sending your stuff to.


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