Kenny Burns

Kenny Burns

About Kenny Burns: Intriguing. Influencer. Outstanding. Exceptional. Crucial. All these words only scratch the surface of who Kenny Burns is. A native to Washington D.C., Kenny has always made a name for himself among his peers and those eager to know him. The first question that comes to mind when people hear the name Kenny Burns is, “What exactly does Kenny Burns do?” The list goes on and on of outstanding achievements and accomplishments across various fields including music, fashion, marketing, lifestyle and now film and radio, something uncommon to the youth coming out of Washington, D.C. Beating the odds for Kenny was about to be a lifelong trend.

Kenny always knew he was destined for great things and enrolled at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia after graduating high school. When he arrived in Atlanta, he took the city by storm launching his own company, 2620 Music, and introducing the biggest artists in hip hop history like Notorious B.I.G. to the Atlanta market in the mid 90s. The role of big man on campus spread to the city of Atlanta and inevitably to the nation.

Kenny’s notoriety for “making things happen” enabled his career in music to skyrocket starting with the promotion of Monica’s album, “Miss Thang,” Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” and then stepping out on his own orchestrating the double platinum selling girl group Dream having them debut at #2 on the billboard charts.

It was clear that Kenny had the formula for success as he grew to be amongst executives serving as Vice President at Mariah Carey Monarch Music and Roc-A-Fella Records respectively. His experiences at both companies took him all over the world, working with superstars and budding stars alike breaking ceilings and building his brand as The Lifestyle Specialist. His genuine approach and knowledge of trends, people and places made him the go-to person for celebrities.

By 2002, Kenny had evolved into an international maven and distinguished young man within the entertainment industry and decided to branch out into fashion with Ryan Glover, launching his second company, RyanKenny, the 2nd African American brand available at Saks Fifth Avenue ever. He utilized his power of influencing to change the way young men dressed and shopped.

Many other brands took notice of his influence and thought to enlist him as a spokesperson to reach the masses and demonstrate to their target market that they were a luxury lifestyle brand because Kenny Burns says so. Kenny moved on to work with AXE, Heineken, Belvedere/MH USA as “The Lifestyle Specialist.” Creating the Heineken Red Star Soul Tour was a major project Kenny spearheaded and was the face of. Belvedere impressed with Kenny’s uncanny ability to mend relationships and further their business, hosted his 35th birthday party at the Versace mansion in South Beach, Miami. The event started with a Kenny Burns bobble head invite and ended with a hard cover coffee table book of pictures from the extravaganza. In essence, he becomes the brand and is why corporations continuously seek him for representation.

Grey Goose has taken notice and now partnered with Kenny as their Brand Ambassador.

Kenny’s latest ventures in the realms of film with his documentary, B.U.R.N.S. (Be Ultimately Realistic and Never Sellout), and The Kenny Burns Show, Saturday and Sunday on V103, were all born because there needed to be an authentic look into the entertainment business, he wanted to share his experiences and rise to the top while showing people that they too can be successful.

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