Fill Out the ID3 Information

ID3 is the technology used to hide all the metadata into .MP3’s. It’s how Winamp knows the artist is “Wale” and that the song title is “Bad” Among other things, an MP3 can hold the following details about your song: Album, Year, Track Number, BPM, Composer, Comments, Genre, Lyrics and Artwork.

Time and time again I download a song from a new artist’s link and NONE of the stuff is filled out and the title is “UpInDaClub_Master2.” Remember that most recording softwarez (Logic, Ableton, etc) don’t allow you to fill this out prior to bouncing your session. Soooooo…. either open the MP3 into iTunes/Winamp and fill out the information or download an ID3 Tag Editor program, which will allow you to do bulk edits. I’d like to also point out that I’ve seen several major label artists release projects online with the ID3 info messed up, including Travis Barker, Wale and Danny Brown to name a few.

Why is filling out this stuff important? Most people have more than 12 MP3’s in their music libraries and don’t have the time to edit all your stuff. When your song pops up onto their ipod you want it looking all pretty. After all, this is your brand. Take pride in it. AND YOU SPENT ALL DAY IN MICROSOFT PAINT ON YOUR COVER ART!!! BE PROUD!!!

There is no excuse to omit your lyrics if you write them on an electronic device. Did you know that lyrics show up on an iPhone? Yeah. They do! They scroll across the screen, and it’s awesome! People love to know what people are saying and appreciate their wittiness/poeticism. It’s simple. If you write the lyrics on an electronic device simply send yourself an email with the lyrics included and copy them into the ID3 info.

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