About 330: 330 is the truth. She qualifies the grandstanding and I'm-so-hot rhetoric (of which her songs are in no short supply) by backing every word of it up with solid production and potent lyricism. Her content consciously references the mentionables of pop culture as well as historical icons, grapples with political issues (Proposition 8, gentrification, the economy), and shares personal narratives of everyday life with the seamless flow of a master storyteller. In other words, her flow is sick.

330's story is interesting and inspiring as it is one of creating art and grinding to be heard, of breaking through barriers and bringing underground and otherwise marginalized culture to the mainstream—and NOT by packaging it with the sell-sex cut-off shorts and batting lashes female emcees get shove, rather with real emceeing. That's it. That's 330's hook. She's got the swagger and spit game to go bar for bar with the best of them. But we'll let her and her music tell you the rest about that.

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