7 Ways to Sell More Albums

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1. Give away your MP3's
You MUST give away your mp3s in exchange for an e-mail address. This allows you to follow up and sell your album very personally to your fans, in which they are 80% more likely to buy. This worked in every single case weve tested and came at a 99.7% success rate!

2. Give away your old albums
From our experience, giving away your old albums for free download is a great technique to gain fans and sell your current album. Fans are very likely to buy your new album if they are given the old one for free. They also feel closer to you as a fan.

3. Connect with fans via email
Whatever it takes, get their e-mails! If you have to give every and anything for free, do it! Give away everything as long as they can give you their e-mail. Staying in contact with fans is a sure shot method to selling more albums! In 99% of all tests, this was a proven technique.

4. Merch, Merch, Merch
Charge a little extra for your album and include a free t-shirt or a free hat. If you sell the album for $14.99 that is more than double the cost of production. Hats and tees are extremely cheap incentives that are guaranteed to drive sales to your album!

5. Forget about retail
Independent artists, do not try to get your CDs in record stores and retail unless you have a big national fan base already. Get your e-mail list up and fans on social media, and target the customers that already know who you are. You have a much better chance for big sales. Selling blindly to people who dont know you is a guaranteed miss in all our test studies.

6. Tunecore and CD Baby digital stream sales
These two networks automatically distribute your album to many digital streaming companies, not just iTunes and online distributors where fans can buy music. They also send your music to YouTube and streaming companies that pay you when your music is streamed, this can be a very big part of your sales.

7. Advertising on Facebook
Out of all the social media tests weve done on album sales, Facebook works the best. We figured out that people take Facebook posts much more seriously than any other type of posts, beating Twitter and Instagram promotions by a far 87%. This is a very important fact to know! So before you spend any money with Google or any other company, go with Facebook first to see the best results for your money. - from Skilly

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