About A-Major: Music producer, Pianist, Composer. With a humble spirit and genuine precedent this self taught pianist has given DC a reason to brag. Anthony's original works embodies the traditions from a artistic and global cultural perspective and from historical precedent while engaging in experimental examination of many different genres of music.

As a true artist, he has integrated many aspects of himself and translate that integrated self into his music. His passion, love, dedication and strive for excellence is what has kept him a float encompassed with the appreciation for the arts in general which has enabled him to imagine new realities, new forms and new interpreations to make something where there was nothing thus creating a foundation of artistic excellence, creative expression, diversity, beauty that results in "stellar" works.

Anthony is Known on the YouTube, Facebook for his piano compositions, beat making videos. He has over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. Alot of people love posting video responses singing to his music and people are starting to notice him in the DMV for that. Anthony has had youtube Honors around the world from Canada , New Zealand, Australia, China etc.

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