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So youíve gotten the inspiration to become an artist. Youíve started writing some songs, and youíve met with a few managersí maybe or industry professionals to map out a career plan. Youíve met with some producers and have some plans in the work to create an album. Youíre all inspired and ready to go. The first few days, youíre putting in work like nobody else, maybe this even lasts for a few weeks, but after a few weeks, you start losing motivation, you start feeling like the studio can wait, you find drinking and smoking with your friends more appealing, and you start getting sidetracked by that guy or girl you like.

Right here is one of the biggest pitfalls any artist can fall into. This pitfall is inconsistency. Everyone will feel moments of great bursts of inspiration throughout their lives. Moments where they feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the whole fucking world. The only thing is those moments donít last forever, they come and go. And what a lot of people end up doing is going back to the same regular shit they were doing before they arrived at that moment. They donít remain consistent.

In another one of our articles we talked about the habits successful people have, and one of them was willpower. Well, this is where that comes in. Some mornings it will be hard to get up, theyíll be a million reasons why you donít feel like doing what it is youíre supposed to do. Theyíll be a million forms of temptations that will come up to try and distract you, but you must resist and continue.

True masters of any craft or any successful person worth their salt are all consistent. They form good habits and continue to do it, no matter how frustrating or unmotivated they may be at certain moments. Success does not come from a few short bursts that you do every now and then, it is the result of long hours being put in at a habitual rate that never stops, and at times even accumulates. That is what success is made up of.

Are you trying to be a producer, well you better be making a certain amount of beats each week, day or month and you better keep to that schedule. Are you an artist trying to make it out there on your own, well you better be writing a certain number of songs each week, day, or month. And you better be following up with people and keeping in contact with those who can help you out. Donít make a few beats or songs one week, and none the other. Donít network with a few people, and then forget about them for a month or two and come back to them and repeat that process.

Keep in touch with people, deliver on what you said you would do, form good habits when it comes to practicing your craft and so on, and success will come running your way. This is the way, the only way. So remember fellow artists and industry professionals... Always Remain Consistent!

Written by: Jean-Bernard Lauture

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