DMV LIFE Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors
Item# bram

Congratulations... If you have received this link, you have been hand selected to become an Official DMV LIFE Brand Ambassador!

Please do not repost this link... this offer is only for you.

  • From now on you will receive Half Price off All Promotion with!!! This means every time you drop a Single, Video, Mixtape or anything else that you can choose have promo package from for half price! This will allow you to get yourself out to the DMV and beyond like never before!

  • Receive first access to opportunities including: Performances, Networking events, Interviews, etc.

  • Receive special consideration from

  • Responsibilities:
  • Give us shoutouts on social media and incorporate us whenever you can

  • Represent in a positive light and increasing brand awareness.

  • Keep making dope music!

    How to submit your music:
    1. View our promo options:
    2. Email us your music, video, mixtape or whatever you are promoting to: and let us know what promo package you want
    3. We will send you a paypal request for half the normal amount
    4. That's it!

    We will promote your music, and you give us a shoutout on social media... everyone wins!!!

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