Buddah Baby

Buddah Baby


About Buddah Baby: He is honest and not afraid to speak the truth and it is evident through the bars he spits. His outgoing personality and his original style, sets him apart from the rest. He is Buddah Baby and from his High School days as a poet, he has always written stories about his real life experiences. He has always had a love for music and he had always taken his poetry seriously but when he lost his father at age 20, he decided to combine his love for music and poetry and convert it into hip-hop. He co-founded a group, The Frontline Masters and performed throughout his hometown of DC. When they disbanded several years later, he knew he couldn't stop doing what he loved the most, so he went solo. Since then he has performed at many venues on the east coast from Rose's Dream, Island Cafe and Howard Theatre in D.C. to Club Paparazzi and Top Club in Virginia and to many other stages at venues in Baltimore, New Jersey and New York. His shows are up-close, personal and unplugged and he commands your attention because he delivers his truth with so much passion and conviction while on stage. With the help of his long term friend and hypeman Philander, they make their performances memorable and entertaining.

To date, he has released two projects that have earned rave reviews from local music critics. Buddah Baby Uncut Volume I and Buddah Baby Uncut Volume II were released in 2012 and 2015 respectively. He is currently hard at work in the studio recording for the follow-up of Buddah Baby Uncut Volume III set to be released in 2016. His music is for everyone of all ages yet his core demographic of fans ranging from 18-35 years old, understand the message that he delivers in his music because it is so honest and relatable.

Buddah Baby is definitely one to watch and while he hasn't earned any local award accolades, he is determined to show the world that he can be successful with or without a major label backing. He has taken careful steps in learning the independent music business, he is building his brand nationally, he is merchandising, he is continuing to write and record good music, he travels to promote and network, and he does it all independently. His goal is to continue to share his truth and touch people through his music, state by state so eventually, the whole world can hear what he is saying.

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