Calvin Coolidge "Famous"

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Calvin Coolidge "Famous" Music Video

About Video: With the drop of his first two mix tapes, Calvin Coolidge set the bar high, and expectations even higher. After a long wait, Coolidge’s latest video, Famous, has taken us all by surprise. Coolidge not only meets expectations, but also surpasses even what his greatest fans knew him capable. While his mix tapes show Coolidge’s got flow, the question is, what else has this kid, only a 19-year-old freshman at Old Dominion University, got?

For almost too long we awaited the drop of his video, wondering whether Coolidge really had what it took to take the next step in his career, which he answers with one of his many flawless lines, “Most people choose their path, but I’ma pave mine.”

Famous delivers the powerful answer that Coolidge has everything; lyrics, flow, swag, but what the video promises is more. In collaboration with Andrew Lieber’s NOVATalent Agency and director Jack Bensinger, this Elder Sloth production not only shows what Coolidge is capable of, but proves that there is much more to come. Coolidge is certainly paving his path to success, to fame, as he promises his fans that he’ll “grind till they know Calvin Coolidge as the rapper and not the president.”

Verse 1: hate or love it im on the way to the summit
and all haters are waiting to see the day that i plummet
they bettter stay in they places because the paper is commin
and when i make it their bank is getting a whole lotta nothing
im destined to make it big i think by now ive made it evident
but im grindin till they know calvin coolidge as the rapper and not the president i don't want to live an average life, drive an average car
fuck an average wife, have a couple of kids
these the are average sights in
the average life the average white
and now all these kids are bein raised as fools
parents made em believe that being average is cool
now i look like the best who has ever lived
cause im being compared to the average kid

Verse 2: when the fame came things got a lil tricky
now hells on earth i aint talkin lil nicky
let me blow a lil sticky while i get a lil hickey
by a certified dime from lower missisipi
so far its hard life but its all alright
wanna battle me? im always down for a bar fight
made it though the hard times baby now our time
grindin till i get more gigs than your harddrive
since she was a kid she's been wishing for this and now the moment is closer
and im gold like the fish in the bowl when i timmy turner ass over
and so many people have my back wether asain white or black so i could
never really give a fuck who hates me
made it with a little bitta trust with a little bitta luck with a little bitta fuck you pay me

Verse 3: i told life to come and battle me, im shootin at reality,
and if i get defeated then im dealing with fatality
it really isnt sad to me im ready for a casualty
cause i don't give a fuck but thats just my personality
the hates been strong, the sensations gone but im gonna get it back
though the waits been long
most people choose their path in life but, but ima pave my own
so tired i could snap like a, stress fracture
i wanna go back to when none of it mattered
it was nothing but laughter but now none of its happenin
all i got left are the drugs and this rappin shit
and at the end of the day im defending my way and its easy to say
id rather fail than to never try
cause you know how it is.. heroes get remembered but legends never die

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