Davey Star

Davey Star


About Davey Star: Every artist has a sense of style, edginess, brilliance, and charisma... Davey Star came along to raise the bar of artistry! Born and raised in Courtland, Va. a small town with a population of only 500, Davey started singing at a young age. His mother, Yvonne Winborne, sang at a local church and was one of the best singers in the area. He learned how to sing in likes of greats such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, and Luther Vandross. He even has a little bit of new school flavor as well. Davey not only picked up singing naturally, but he also quickly developed unique rap skills.

Davey is deaf in his left ear which would stop some people from pursuing a musical dream, but it gave Davey an extreme focus to perfect his craft. Even though he’s hearing impaired, he believes in the saying, “God takes one thing from a person, but blesses them with a gift!” It's been his dream to become one of the heavyweight rappers to up the bar in today's generation of hip-hop. His style is very unique and cunning. Davey's dedication to his music is very strong. This is what makes him stand out from a lot of other artists in his area. He always writes music whenever he has time. Back in high school, he always wrote songs before he did his schoolwork. With his type of dedication and talent, he will, in no time, be ready for center stage!

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