About DBlac: DBlac was born and raised in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. He was one of four children being raised by his mother and grandmother in the same residence. Even though his father played a major role in his life, he turned to the streets for the blueprint to his manhood. His choices lead him to drop out of high school at the age of sixteen. So he knew he had to accelerate into maturity bypassing his teenage years straight into manhood. The women in his life battled with their own personal addictions unaware of how easy history can repeat itself DBlac also found himself battling his own drinking addiction at an early age. This drinking problem almost cost him his life. The good news is the story doesnít stop there. His fall was not his demise, but a rebirth, a rise from the ashes of his former self. While music was a major part of his life, he never had any notion of being a rapper. He humbly discovered his talent while reading a letter he wrote to himself reflecting over his life and discovered that it without any intention, it rhymed. Something that came so natural had to be nurtured and developed. During DBlacís nine year career as a boxer, with an impressive 23-6 record, he learned discipline, built character, and self-esteem. These applied principles have also played part in the 5+ yearís sobriety which he currently celebrates. These were the necessary tools he needed to embark on the next phase of his life.

DBlac has triumphed over his personal tragedies. He hopes to inspire the next generation of young black men to greater things. He acknowledges being influenced by 2pac, UGK, Scarface, Heavy D, and LL Cool J to name a few. What sets him aside from the rest is he has the ability to change up his style and content based on what is going on in his everyday life. He has given us a free pass to get to know him through his music. His fans relate to his music because itís real, itís straight from heart and soul of DBlac. He generated an overwhelming buzz in the short time he has dedicated himself to his music. DBlacís aggressive style and performance will command your full attention until the last note of the track has been played. His music has become an anthem for the city as they recite the lyrics verbatim. Fans and artist alike crowd the front of the venue to witness DBlacís electrifying stage presence.

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