De-U.c.e. Double

De-U.c.e. Double

From De-U.c.e. Double: I am one of the most creative, genuine, original, positive, unique, & realest individuals that you will ever have the priveledge to meet in this lifetime. Alot of people say that music is in their blood but for me that's an extreme understatement. Even as a young child it would seem as if I was already destined for musical success with so many musicians & artists in my direct bloodline. In my elementary school years I was already playing the piano, drums, bass, & performing live in front of stadium sized audiences in different states along the east coast & down south. It was all second nature for me, with my mother being a minister of music & father CEO of a budding local record company. My grandmother on my mother's side of the family is the only Washington, D.C. resident to become inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame. Now on the other side of the family my grandfather on my father's side was one of if not the most respected mass choir directors & gospel musicians in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

I grew up in the Tantallon suburb of Fort Washington, Maryland in P.G. County close by the newly created National Harbor. In my opinon this area basically is in the very heart of the DMV phisically speaking. Ft. Wash, MD is a 15 minute drive away from both VA & the S.E. region of the Washington, D.C. area. This evironment made me into a very well rounded individual in that it's location is basically right on the border line in between extreme wealth & success, and poverty & failure. You have million dollar waterfront property with popular state & government officials living a couple miles deeper into MD. Now if you go only a couple miles away towards the DC line & cross into Eastover you got section 8 housing, drug strips, addicts, drunks, murderers, robbers, & rapists. I've been known to dwell in evironments of all sorts from bottom barrel to top shelf & still fit in just perfectly in my own right.

My newest mix joint "40. Wattage" was released at da top of 2010!!! My solo debut represents for Tantallon, our nation's capital Washington D.C., P.G., MD, Ft. Wash, aka 40. Watt, & all other places in the world!!! It epitomizes what it's like to live the life of a young man who grew up fast & hung with the wrong crowd yet never the less took heed to the positive influences in life. My musical, business, street, & spiritual background naturally crafted an original rap style that's unpredictable yet at the same time's consistent & completely different from anyone else you can try to compare me to in Hip-Hop globally throughout history!!!

My two older cousins & I formed the group The F.A.M. in the year 1999. Ever since I graduated from Friendly High school in the year 2000 I've been selling CD's, doing audio/video production, audio/video engineering, rapping, songwriting, live performences, voiceover work, & much more for De-U Records; as well as many other local artists. I am one of the original creators, engineers, producers, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, & voices behind the critically acclaimed & internationally publicized "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD/DVD/concerts & "Edu-Basics" products. De-U Records' "Edu-Basics" series has sold over 150k units & has been featured on media outlets such as MSNBC, NPR, Black Enterprise Magazine, Business Weekly, BET, The Washington Post, & over 150 news publications worldwide. After releasing several group EP's from 1999-2003 & receiving my certification for completing the Recording Engineering & Studio Techniques course at Omega Recording Studios School; my group The F.A.M. released our first full length LP "Rookie of the Year" in the year 2004. In the year 2005 I was featured on the song "Clubbin" on De-U Records' R&B artist Lemme's debut solo LP "Take The Time". You can also hear me featured on the tracks "Get It In" & "Money Don't Stop" on my group member & older cousin E One Letter's new FREE DOWNLOAD debut solo mixtape "Now Or Never" as well as his "You Talk It I Walk It" EP available for sale on iTunes.

As of late my single "Sexy Lady" was featured on WPGC 95.5 on the D.C. Home Jams segment as well as DJ Heat's new DMV mixtape "The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol. 3". U can also find the song featured on "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted By Slim Thug" as well as on my solo mixtape. Look forward to seeing the official video for "Sexy Lady" directed by Billionaire Films as well!!! De-U.c.e.'s!!!

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