DJ Kidd Kurupt

DJ Kidd Kurupt

About DJ Kidd Kurupt: DJ Kidd Kurrupt was born on Dec 8, 1987 in LaPlata, Maryland. At the age of ten I started dj'ing for the very first time and I was hooked.

I found out at a young age that I had a ear for music and a talent for mixing different genres of music like old school hip hop, reggae, and funk. My father was a DJ at the time also and he noticed that I was practicing on the turntables every chance that I got. My father started me off with a few gigs on Saturdays at local block parties during the summer time. After a few gigs I started to make a name for myself in the neighborhood as the young kid that can put it down on the turntables.

A few years went by and I started to get more shows and a large following in the underground reggeaton scene and techno raves. I soon started to draw hundreds of people to my live sets. One day I met a club promoter while networking at a local mall and we exchanged numbers and I invited him out to watch me perform at a show. When the club promoter saw the way I showed my skills, worked the crowd, and my ablilities with mixing and scratching; he decided to give me- this young and upcoming DJ a chance to spin at one of the biggest dance clubs in Maryland at the time.

I play all forms of trance music like uplifting trance, vocal trance, progressive trance and psy trance. I also play wide variety of music such as oldschool/newschool Hiphop, R&B, Soul, Nu-Soul, Funk, Oldies electro, dubstep, Rap, Underground Hiphop, Reggae, Culture Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Culipso, Ragga, Ragga Jungle, tech house and technomusic. I can alos mix it up with Trance, Techno, Dance, Reggeaton, Salsa, Dirty South Rap, and Hindu music!

Now you can find me destroying the crowds with my unforgettable live sets, my energy, and mixing skills all over The Washington D.C. area, Baltimore City, and across Europe and South America. Be sure to keep your hearts an eyes open for me- DJ Kidd Kurrupt at your favorite parties and night clubs!

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