DJ Thrill

DJ Thrill

About DJ Thrill: Born and raised in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, birthplace of Go-go music, DJ Thrill has been involved in the music scene since he was five years old. DJ Thrill is the son of DJ Chyll Will who has been a DJ for 35 years and is still rocking. Together they have accumulated a collection of over 20,000 vinyl albums.

As a child, DJ Thrill started off his musical career by DJ-ing parties for friends and family under the tutelage of DJ Chyll. Then as a teenager, DJ Thrill picked up gigs DJ-ing at local bowling alleys (Rock and Bowl – Club Edition) and Skating Rinks.

Over the years, DJ Thrill expanded his musical knowledge by learning to play the saxophone, Keyboard, and the Bass Guitar. He then ventured into other areas musical pursuits including playing in a live band, creating arrangements and production.

Returning now to the DJ life which had brought him many years of genuine happiness, DJ Thrill explodes on the scene pursuing his goal of becoming a prominent and well known DJ in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. Motivated, determined, eager, humble, studious, hard-working and captivating, DJ Thrill begins his journey to spread his Brand throughout the world, and to promote happiness through music.

DJ Thrill feels that music is a journey. It tells a story and is definitely a ride. Music is alive and full of energy and movement which is why DJ Thrill’s love for it cannot be contained in one genre. Go-go, Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B (old and new school), are all part of his eclectic style.

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