Artist of the Month - Fatal Sinz

Artist of the Month

They were known to be one of the most hyper rap groups in the Washington, DC area since 1998. Delivering hard and lyrical content, the dynamic rap group was once a fierce group of about 7 individuals with different rap styles depicting the viewpoints of the 7 deadly sins. Created and founded by Half Pint of Fatal Sinz, All-Mighty Ant the Billionaire, and White Face aka Nette; the group endured the struggles of the D.C. underground music scene and now is led by Half Pint, Woohda, and Lady Envy.

The rap group first released music to the public thru street sales back in the late 90's as singles... later to release a self pioneered double black on black Battle CD titled "Family Feud- Fatal Sinz Vs. Da Block". With just 100 copies, this cd earned them the credibility of new artist into a vicious undeveloped music scene. Then to release official freshman album "It's Not A Threat, It's A Promise" by way allegiance of DJ Nil, Textsosa, and Midi East. With their main hits "Turtle, Turtle", "Hata N Da Room", "Fight Night", and "Kobie Style", this album gained them the attention of execs Hot97 and many more in 2002-2005. In 2011, they decided to pursue, after the retirement of their rap partner D.A. They then went on to release the banger of their musical CDs "Stop, Clok, N Hoez" by Half N Wooh which is loaded on various websites. Creative hooks-Fatal's main niche! "Keep it Fatal is the motto, alma mata #getFATAL!"

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