Don't Let Fear Rule You

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One of the most debilitating emotions that rule people is Fear. Time and time again Iíve watched people in my life stunt their growth in life because of this emotion. Not trying this, not doing that because theyíre afraid. Sometimes itís understandable, it may be something that poses a threat, itís extremely uncomfortable, and other times itís very minor, regardless of which category you fit in though, something must be done about it.

See fear is not bad and itís not evil. Fear is a mechanism invented by nature to help us survive. Lions and snakes can kill the shit out of us, so it makes sense that our brains developed fear to let us know not to go near them, or fuck with them so that our likelihood of surviving increases. People who typically were less fearless back in the cavemen days most likely didnít live as long as the more cautious cavemen. Even though this is the case, nowadays fear has become more of a problem than an aid. Most of the time what weíre afraid is not a lion, but a person, or a risk we have to take, or some career move.

And this is where the problem lies, a lot of the things were afraid stand as an obstacle in front of what we want. As they say, what you want lies on the other side of fear. Maybe you want to start a music career, but your parents stand in opposition of that and youíre too afraid to stand up to them. Maybe you need to move LA because itís booming for your type of music, but youíre too afraid to leave the comfort of where you are and make the move. This is where fear because a weakening thing, rather than a strength.

To make any progress in life, in our careers and so forth, we must learn how to takes risks, no matter how scary they may be sometimes, because taking that risk is what will get us forward. As businessmen/women and artists, one of the big aspects of our lives is mastering fear and taking worthy risks. If this is not something you learn to do, than you will not progress in your career, you will stay right where you are and worse at some point you may even start to go backwards.

Letís look at an example. I knew one Audio Engineer, who shall remain nameless, who had worked with some of the greatest in his time. He worked with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Outkast, at some point was Will Smithís personal Engineer, and plenty of other people. This guyís chart tops like very few other people. Now he is definitely a great Engineer, but he did have to start off at the bottom like Drizzy. He told me that after he graduated from his school of engineering, that he went to LA for a bit. While there, he ended up meeting someone who worked for a studio and wanted to hire him as an intern. They wanted him to start the following Monday.

Now he didnít have a place to stay out there considering the fact that he was just visiting. He couldíve said I canít take this job, Iím not going to live here for a while, but instead he said Iíll take the job. Now that was a huge risk, he had to quickly find a place to stay, money for food and so forth, a lot of things couldíve gone wrong, and lot probably still did. But thatís the thing though, he wouldnít have probably progressed so fast in his career had he played it safe. Had he just moved slow, and let his fear control him, he wouldíve ended up working as an Engineer for Dre and Will Smith.

Now granted, he also had to have the skill to be considered for those jobs, but it doesnít matter if you have all the skills in the world for a job when you donít show up to the interview. So moral of the story is this. In life to progress forward, decisions will have to be made about what to do next, and actions will have to be taken. Some of these decisions and actions will be risky, they will incite fear in you, thereís no doubt about it, but you must look pass that and move forward anyways. If you want to get to your goals and ambitions, you must master your fear.

Written by: Jean-Bernard Lauture

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