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From D. Skyy: Born Andre Dantzler on September 20, 1987 in New York. I was raised by my mother for the first few years of my life until my father got out the military. I moved down to Texas when I was 5 and my father was out the military and I lived in Lancaster, TX (Dallas County) for about 9 years before I finally moved up to MD. You can still hear the southern influence in some of my songs. And it creates a unique blend with the swagg that i've aquired living in the DMV.

I really didnt start rapping until I was 13 but it was just for friends never anything serious but people always told me I was talented. So when I turned 17 and started my senior year in high school thats when I met Mardy J who is now my manager and we started cooling on the daily basis, usually smoking and talking about music. So 1 day we started freestyling and after he heard me he gave me some beats. After I laid down my lyrics over the beats, he was impressed and said this was a dream we needed to chase. But me being the wild child that I was didnt take it serious as first. I wrote a song every few months and kept getting locked up so things never fell in line. But in 2011, it just clicked in my head that maybe I should give this rap thing a full try. So I got hit the studio hard, and knocked out my first mixtape "Livin In D Skyy" which was released May 13, 2011.

With me dropping my first mixtape I hope to catch people's ears and get their attention. I hope people will appreciate the full length mixtape that you can vibe to from beginning to end. Im trying to be able to not just put the DMV on but to put MD on as a state and help show that talent can come from anywhere! Hopefully with the right promotion I can catch a big enough buzz off this first mixtape to get nation wide recognition but if not I'll just keep grinding until i do. Just keep checking back on all my sites to find out about upcoming shows and events.

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