Snapchat: @Ducewa

About Ducewa: The artist / producer, based in the DMV, by way of East Oakland California, started making instrumentals in 2004, and hid the so-called hobby from everyone around him. With the hidden inspiration from Claude, an old friend of his that was the first to introduce him to the program, FL Studio. While he was raised by a single mother, his upbringing was a little unique, moving out of the Bay Area, at the age of 13, to a place that none of his friends were from, Columbia Maryland, a suburban area witch is right between Baltimore and DC., a place where ridiculous things happened where they shouldn't, hinting to the origins of the show "The Boondocks”. From then on, he would send beats out to various upcoming artists at that time in the industry such as, Khleo Thomas, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Honey Cocaine, and local artists in the DMV area. With little to no feedback, his older sister re-connected him on Myspace to link his childhood friend, and rapper, ABFIFI, who was already rapping years prior. Bay Area artist ABFIFI is closely linked with DJ A$AP, who is responsible for breaking Sage The Gemini's hit single, "Gas Pedal".

He continued to work closely with ABFIFI on various projects, as a producer, with their stand out track, titled, "The Town'', featuring Beeda Weeda, witch got them recognition, and landed them on Complex. With push from close friends Gonzo, ABFIFI, and Baltimore based producer Michael J.R., he decided to finally become an artist himself. He decided to go this rout, to aggressively lend, and introduce his sound to the world in this way. Working closely with engineer “V Mayjor” and the release of two solo singles, "Disretwerkful", and "Got Drip?", things are already picking up steam at a steady pace. He’s also gained a relationship with L.A. based engineer Narek Ambar, and is on his roster amongst other well known names. http://narekambar.com/

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