Eezy Money

Eezy Money

About Eezy Money: Eezy Money was born and raised in Washington DC. Eezy grew up in a single parent home, as is the case with a lot of the youth in the hood. His uncles were into the "street life" and thats what he saw as a male role model. Although he excelled in sports as a youth, he eventually was introduced to the drug game. Once Eezy saw the fast-life and the quick cash that slanging in the streets brought, he eventually lost focus on sports and began getting in trouble with the law at a young age.

After doing a 9 month stingt in a juvenile facility, Eezy came home and met with his long-time friend and producer Lex-D. "My man Bugs (R.I.P.) asked me if I rapped. I said yeah, so he asked me to spit. They just kept switching beats up on me abd I was catching em all like it was nothing, and the rest is history!"

Eezy Money's music is influenced by his real life experiences. He is an all around artist. Pairing lyricism with a versatile flow. And he has an impeccable work ethic with a passion for entertainment... He is definately a rising star in the DMV and the nation!

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