EQ "It's All Real"

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EQ "It's All Real" Music Video

Underneath the orchestra,
I hear more than violins and cellos,
Or someone cuttin' samples and loopin an instrumental,
I can see the frequencies mentally paint a waveform,
I can see reality comin' out of my brainstorms
I have felt the pain til it came a standard and pain's norm
I have felt the stabs in my back that I know the fame forms
Course I've seen the jealousy manifest in the same form,
So it's all the snakes in the grass that I save my shame for
Workin' til I got a say in the game,
So if you like the current state, you better pray for the game
Bringin' change like payin' tolls when it's late ;
Cause I be blazin' medical until no paper remains
Dictionary.com grind?
Might as well redirect you to somewhere where you can download Define...
Dreamer. What I've been since I knew what a dreamer was,
Why I live by knowing it was destiny I'd dream it up -
Why the blunt just died, why I hear the bids chirpin,
Why it's 5 AM and I'm still tryna hearse wordsmiths...
At the same time that I'm hearsin' em I'm birthin' em,
Understand what I mean if you know how the game is workin, eh?
So if that ain't goin' high over your fitted
you get when I say the game is a survival of the fittest
Soon you'll see that natural selection and evolution
are on my side almost every single time that I spit it
If you forsaken the art that I dedicate all my heart to
You can bank on the fact that you will never get my forgiveness
Adding to the list of inevitable events that they say begins with death
and ends with purpose of Quicken
Nigga - obvious now that I made you listen
Shinin' like a diamond the rough with my hands I'm rippin
EQ - and I'm signin' out on that note
Cause these niggas need some time to catch up the rhymes I wrote

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