Event Recap: Broccoli City Festival

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April 25th was Broccoli Festival 2015 in D.C., the annual festival celebrating sustainable lifestyle choices and the “green initiative”. Once again some of the DMV’S most talented and well respected artists as well as some big name stars came together to show their respect for mother Earth and practices to keep her thriving and well.

Actor, Lance Gross was present as an ambassador for the Toyota Green Initiative, a stewardship program brought on by Toyota to encourage HBCU students, alumni and faculty to live a “greener lifestyle”. Gross said, “Broccoli City Festival was the perfect place to be because both movements support the same message, reducing one’s carbon footprint by being careful what you put into the earth because you will get the same out of it.”

Designers displayed sustainable fashion. Vendors provided tasty and nutritious meals, jewelry, skin care products and versatile artwork but a major treat for the festival goer who happens to be a music lover was the talent that graced the two stages.

On the main stage Willow and Jaden Smith, Tiara Thomas, Joey Bada$$ and Tink all gave the audience aninteractive show offering a mix of fan favorites with new sounds. Their music transcended the seasonal rain and the energy level of the crowd endured. Erykah Badu offered her incredible DJ stylings as Lo Down Loretta Brown. Her funky, eclectic mix was worth the wait.

Voted on to the bill by local supporters, Marlee in the Mixx was honored to be chosen to perform at this year’s Broccoli City Festival. Marlee said “A daily, environmentally sound activity I practice is recycling.” She described reducing, recycling and reusing and “The least we can do.”

Meanwhile over on the One Love Massive stage Born I Music, Willie Waze and Macguyver warmed the indie lover crowd to a full rumbling boil. Promoting a message of awareness and humility all the while maintaining insight and power, The rappers and founders of the label G&D New Sinatra gained not only respect from onlookers but genuine love. Born made sure to include his hot new single now in rotation on Revolt TV entitled, “Supreme Mathematics”. Hippie Control Band provided back up for several acts and a steady heartbeat to the show. Their music was a lovely touch.

Pinky Killacorn graced the stage with a burst of beautiful color. The Hippie Lyfe Krew queen gave fans a fantastic groovy feel through amazing lyrics, fabulous beats you can’t help but move to and featured performances from The Oy Boyz very own R&B prince Jus Paul and the head hippie himself Visto. “The whole vision I see for the DMV movement is love and it is here today.” Said Visto.

Brain Rapp who holds a degree in environmental science and policy and is also a certified arborist makessustainability a major part of his life every day. “ There are minute things you can do each day to preserve the environment simple as turning the water off as you shave” Brain Rapp then said “I don’t even carry bags with me at the grocery store. If I can hold it in my hands I do. I was born with two bags, my left and right hand!”

Broccoli City Festival 2015 proved to be a good time with great music and great people but it also educated DMV residents about keeping our surroundings clean while respecting each other. Each year BC Festival gives its supporters the knowledge and nutrients to sustain a healthy lifestyle all year long. When people come together for the greater good of humanity there is always a certain sunshine that follows those events, even if it is raining.
By: Ambre 'MzGreenEyez' Tomlinson (@MissGreenEyez)


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