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About Faraz: If someone has ever been to a few shows or parties in the D.C. area, chances are that they have run into Faraz Behvandi. As one half of the two founders of BetaRaz Entertainment, LLC, he has been a prominent figure behind many Hip Hop-related jams, ciphers, and shows around the DMV. However, thereís much more to Faraz than event planning.

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1985, Faraz moved to the United States when he was 15 years old. Fluent in Arabic and Farsi, Faraz has only been speaking English for nine years. In an industry where communication is key, his late start on the English language didnít seem to deter Faraz, and now it seems he doesnít even have an accent. If one manages to catch Faraz in a cipher throwing down rhymes, they would be likely to think that he was born in the U.S. His knack for communicating paired with his ability to get along easily with others helped him make his name well known throughout the local music scene.

In 2007, Faraz celebrated his 22nd birthday by having a party at the Buffalo Wing House in Herndon, VA. There was a large turnout, a lot of fun had by all, and the management of the venue left very satisfied with the end result. This opened the door to Faraz throwing more parties there in the future. Throughout his work in restaurants, Faraz met D.C. area emcee K-Beta, and soon realized that a business partnership with Beta would only assist in progressing his party throwing efforts. After a low turnout at a reggae concert they threw, they were slightly discouraged, but decided to stay dedicated and keep trying their hand at hosting events. In November of 2007 the two threw their first bikini contest, which ended up with a packed house. After a few more bikini contests they noticed a trend, and soon after, BetaRaz entertainment was born. Faraz and K-Beta, along with longtime associate DJ C-Note, have since expanded their efforts from simply hosting events to releasing swimsuit and lingerie calendars, working with models, and bringing notable names such as Cassidy and the Clipse to the DMV for concert appearances.

Hoping to continue the trend of success and growth, Faraz, in conjunction with BetaRaz Entertainment, is planning to get a degree in Business, drop his first lyrical project entitled Future Birth by June of 2010, and do whatever it takes to help take his company to the next level. For business inquiries, Faraz can be reached at.

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