Floyd Mayweather Signs Sharkeisha as the First Female Fighter on the Money Team

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LAS VEGAS – “While the rest of the world saw a girl getting her ass whooped. I saw the future of women’s boxing putting in work” Said Floyd during a private showcase of his upcoming fighters inside the Mayweather gym in Nevada.

“Sharkeisha being left handed, but knocking her down with a mean right; Just let’s me know that the best has yet to come.”

Floyd Mayweather Floyd sees what he’s doing as a sort of community service by taking Sharkeisha out of the hood and using her gift to make a better life for her and her family. “This is a good thing believe it or not! I mean would you rather her be knocking women out in the ring or in the streets? Exactly.”

Floyd who claimed he signed Sharkeisha just so he could guarantee he’d never have to fight her plans to work with her one on one with the hopes of never catching that same overhand right that made her famous. - fiction - creambmp

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