About Frayz: FRAYZ is a hip-hop performing artist and clothing designer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He is a great entrepreneur and even better rapper. Some say that he is soon to be the best. And that is not only from his local fans but nationwide. His passion for success has allowed him to adapt to any environment that he sets foot in. The only thing FRAYZ cannot do is quit.

FRAYZ, born Wilfredo Torres, arrived on April 21. Yes, his age is a secret. Just know that he is in his 20s. Growing up within the boroughs of New York has affected him in a unique and positive way. Instead of following a crowd, he confined himself to his own world. And that world was limited to a select few. Teaching himself the realities of the world and quickly solving problems helped to heighten his own common senses. It also gave him the space to discover his natural gifts.

As an early teen, he recorded his first track ever. He did not like the overall quality of the finished product after he critiqued it thoroughly. So he took matters into his own hands to master his craft and haven't come down from the thrill of making music since. Of course, he wanted the success and big bucks of being a music artist like any other but working a 9-to-5 job was out of the question. In amazement, FRAYZís career started with a just a simple motivation to succeed beyond obstacles and tribulations presented to him as part of life.

Having been involved in music since his early teens, FRAYZ has developed into a well-recognized and well-respected individual. He is a person before anything else and regarded as a very humble and generous young man. Being from Brooklyn has opened his eyes to a lot of things (both positive and negative), which he has proudly overcome as a result.

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