Abour Gabrielle: From the same city as the Great James Brown, Gabrielle is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Augusta, GA determined to become the next Legend the World will see. With musical influences such as India Arie, Tori Kelly, Jhené Aiko, J. Cole and Brandy, she has a sultry sound that will touch the deepest depths of your soul. Her soothing voice alongside her guitar sounds could calm a storm, but not to be fooled, she can easily switch from the intricate sounds of hip-hop to energetic pop with ease.

The spark in Gabrielle’s music began when she was just a little girl watching her mother lead praise and worship in church on Sundays. Gabrielle knew that she was destined to follow in her mother’s footstep by leading others in feeling the soul that is within them. Gabrielle wrote her first song at the tender age of 7 years old, and from then on, there was no stopping her. She taught herself piano at the age of 9 and eventually progressed on to guitar at the age of 16. During her teenage years in Augusta, she became part of Augusta’s greatest youth music group Creative Impressions led by world renowned vocalist, arranger, and director Trey McLaughlin. Sitting under such great direction, her vocals and style began to leave a mark on those around her. She then knew that music chose her to heard.

Much like many artists, Gabrielle has dreams to become a Grammy-Award winning artist, however, her aspirations proceed beyond just that. Her ultimate goal is to one day own a record label of her own that will allow other artists the opportunity to creatively express their art. Her spirit, her sound, and her soul will without doubt entice you into listening.

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