High Fly Society

High Fly Society


About High Fly Society: High Fly Society's style of catchy new Hip lyrics mixed with subliminal conscious messages will give you a trip down memory lane thru an HD in your face right now wave. High Fly Society's goal is to leave they're mark and be known as revolutionaries that pushed the envelope and invoked conversations that need to be had while you turn all the way up before you hit the scene.

About Shaun Prince: Born in New York City Shaun Bernard stage name Shaun Prince became infatuated with Hip Hop at the Young age of 10, when he performed Bad Boys Mo Money Mo Problems for his school talent show.

Being raised in the heart of the Bronx, Aka the Mecca of Hip Hop it was only a matter of time before Shaun Prince would cultivate his roots and birth the smooth talking, insightful, bass, and baritone enriched artists that is still growing today. While in college Prince majored in Radio television and was afforded the opportunity to work directly with mainstream artists such as Lil Wayne, R Kelly, Kelly Rowland, The dream, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, where he served several different roles in production and professionalism.

Being exposed to the lifestyle constantly and learning what it takes Shaun Prince quickly became impassioned with his own career. Fast Forward to now Shaun Prince is 1/2 of the Music conglomerate known as High Fly Society with fellow group member Brandon Norton stage name DV-Yatz. They're a DMV based powerhouse that intertwine a smooth melodic tunes with Energetic bold delivery that gives the listener a whirlwind experience of emotions and vibes.

About DV-Yatz: Brandon Norton Stage name DV YAT-Z is an artist, song writer, composer and performer based out of Maryland. He has helped develop IProducer Studios, in which he specialized in sound recording, live music and production projects that range from him to various other projects.

DV YAT-Z has served several different contracted roles in the industry on a production level as boom mic operator, Light Rigging, floor director to name a few. Specifically specialized in floor set up for local eateries in which his colleagues contracted Redskins and Ravens players to come and do meet and greets in local eateries for cross promotion and branding. DV YAT-Z musical skills are based on his abilities as a phenomenal performer, musician, production, composer and digital mastering. He thrives on expressing, emotional and political views through his lyrics and actions. He spends most of his time, reading, writing a being a loving and devoted father to his family and the world. Some of his the most recent released recordings are “Lamborghini Angles “Gurl u Betta” and “Paper”. DV YAT Z and Shaun Prince are the members and owners of the High Fly Society Conglomerate.

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