The Huxley

The Huxley

1730 M St NW
Washington, DC

About The Huxley: Just when nightlife has fallen on its face and all hope was lost for the state of affairs in D.C. along comes two of the most creative owners to hit the scene with an incredible venue, The Huxley. High profile is an understatement but so is being modest these days, which is why there is a huge appreciation for the arrival of the newest venue on the scene.

The venue glides away into a dreamland of celebratory possibilities with tinted windows on the front entrance, where the red carpet extends to guests. You walk down the main hallway with soft candlelight and then boom the action spins your gears into high motion. No worries about that coat you brought along to fight off the winter cold, the coatroom is to the right and the party, (excuse us, coming through) is off to the left.

Take note, a message to other venues in the area. The Huxley is not the alternative. They are the staple of high clientele nightlife in the Greater Washington region. Eric Lund mentions, “We are setting the new standard for Washingtonians” bringing that element of showmanship and distinction that has long been missing for over a decade.

Through the double doors, The Ballroom with design influences from Las Vegas adorns fourteen-foot, finished ceilings with cascading views of the alluring chandeliers. The chandeliers were custom orders and finished with imported crystals from Egypt. Fun fact, the main chandelier took over one week for installation of the seven-foot masterpiece. Now imagine yacht-sized, premium bottles in the room (typically seen in Miami). That is nightlife. That is The Huxley.

Just past The Ballroom, is The Library. This side is an equally impressive display of bravado. They do not call it “The Library” for nothing. You can actually reach out and touch real books, with vintage design to empower a natural ambience of calm. This room is a downplayed switch on the venue momentum. Seelbach states, “Modeled after some of our favorite venues in New York, The Library provides our guests with an intimate environment that is great for conversation.”

Speaking of events, one of Andy Warhol’s friends and fashion icon, The Style Guy, Glenn O’Brien will be stopping by for an exclusive GQ Magazine, event this month. The Style Guy is sure to display the standard for “How to be a Man” the title of his latest book. Just what is appropriate for gracing your presence at The Huxley, you ask. Guys, the dress code is serious. Looking and feeling your best is required. The Huxley is the status quo, so you should look the part.

Inside the Owners Circle: Rare, unusual, but right nonetheless. The Huxley has two dynamic owners, Eric Lund and Ryan Seelbach. They are an impressive business team. With nightlife, it matters. Owners are not the driving force behind expectations but the creators of an experience, which can be vital to success.

Huxley is unique in knowing that demands and differentiation are missing on the market. The Huxley provides Vegas-style service. This model is the expertise that co-owner Ryan Seelbach is most passionate about. It shows genuinely, along with his foresight as former manager of business operations at TAO Group. Co-owner, Eric Lund is a nightlife guru. His experience in the D.C. market spans across a decade of success. He also brings a unique perspective of knowing where details matter most. Displaying the venue, Eric Lund is adamant on impressions with distinction.

Talented is an underestimation. Eric Lund, former Captain of George Washington University soccer team and pioneer of such events as the Adult Swim complements the venues ability to operate effectively. Ryan Seelbach, Magna Cum Laude from Amherst College and recent MBA Harvard Business graduate, brings sophistication to the customer experience.

Please do not count them out. The team with Logan West, former general manager at George, an exclusive bar in George TOWN of course. Not certain their reputation will proceed them as West brings the Georgetown crowd of regulars across the city to experience The Huxley. People follow great service, so naturally the reputation that Huxley is building, speaks for itself.

Exclusive, Exclusive, Exclusive: The Huxley boasts an impressive list of recent attendees. Let us see who has already stepped foot in the masterful venue: Mayor Vincent Gray, Jim Kimsey the Founder of AOL, Councilmember Jack Evans, and Lebron James. You are potentially missing the experience of a lifetime.

The venue boasts an ambient lighting system for accommodations with both nightlife and private events. The Ballroom adorns a modernized DJ booth that is elevated in the center of the floor. With DJ Deemo spinning the latest dance music in The Ballroom on Fridays and DJ OZ playing Top 40 music on Saturdays.

Huxley is probably the first venue that encourages standing on the couches during nightlife events. Each table in The Ballroom has support areas along the mirror and wall sections, designed to support standing as well. With purple velvet curtains throughout the venue and elegant wall treatments there are many areas to capture a great photo of your Huxley experience.

Get a table reservation with a simple text to 202-RESERVE (202-737-3783). Admittance for the venue is only available through guest list reservations at this time. Be sure to check out the website. - Lorenzo Homes; Examiner

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