KV Launches "Devine" Clothing Company

Interview: KV Launches "Devine" Clothing Company
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KV is an entrepreneur who specializes in personal and business development. He is the president/founder of a marketing company called Advertisement Professionals Inc. (specializing in graphics, photography, and film), and he just launched a brand new clothing line entitled "Devine". KV, who personifies the term "jack-of-all-trades", also works as a director/cinematographer with the influential film company Cool Kids Forever.

ST: How did you become interested in filmmaking?

KV: I have always been into film, fashion, and music. I wanted to get involved with movies, and I knew I had to learn the production process. So I became an intern, as a director and photographer, working with Cool Kids Forever Films; a company that helped develop the entertainment indistry you see today in the DMV.

ST: What is it like working with Six Shoota and Tabi Bonney?

KV: To be honest, it's been a blessing to work behind two of the best directors in the business. I have learned so much from both Six and Tab that can't be taught in any film school. Backie T and Deon have also been key elements behind the success of Cool Kids.

ST: What is the most difficult part of shooting a video?

KV: We have shot so many videos that everything seems like second nature at this point, but if I had to pick something it would be dealing with people who don't understand the meaning of "cut the check". Many artists don't have an idea of what it really costs to do industry level work. We are here to help, but people have to be willing to invest in themselves.

ST: What advice do you have for the young videographers coming up and trying to get noticed?

KV: Work with people that have experience and are willing to teach you. Use Twitter and Facebook to find other good videographers, and don't be afraid to ask them questions. Follow people that strive to be great. This is a craft that is a non-stop learning process - the more you shoot and edit the better you will become.

ST: Many local artists complain about the lack of resources in the DMV. What do you feel about that? Are their complaints valid?

KV: In my opinion, the complaints are coming from the people that don't make good songs, don't have quality visuals, don't have a buzz and/or and don't "work" their records. For the DMV to have 4 artists on the XXL Freshman Ballot says a lot about the future of our region.

ST: Let's talk about your new clothing label.

KV: I just started a clothing company called "Devine". This designer line is made to reflect my personal style, a sense of style that I feel is missing in the fashion industry. "Devine" will bridge the "streets" and corporate America. It's very difficult to explain - I will just have to show you. The website is www.devineamerica.com , and you can follow me @DevineAmerica on Twitter.

ST: What other plans or projects are you working on for 2012?

KV: I'm directing upcoming videos with Mazerati Music, Roc Mikey and DCR. I'm also working with Young Daze, XO, Swagg City CEO, and other local artists.

ST: It sounds like you're going to be very busy this year. Do you have any last comments?

KV: I would like to thank you Sidney for this interview. I want to thank www.dmvlife.com for posting my bio in the "Power Playas" section. I also want to thank the feature blogs such as: www.forthedmvonly.com, www.dcmumbosauce.com, www.dcrap.com, and many more for posting a lot of my videos on their website. I just want to thank everyone that has helped me to advance my craft into a career, and thank everyone that has supported me from the start. I feel as though my career is just getting started, and there is going to be a much more to look forward to!!!

Interview by: Sidney Thomas

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