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About Interstate Snake: At an early age Interstate Snake, born Haris Barekzai migrated to the US from Afghanistan with his family with nothing and settled in Alexandria, Virginia with his relatives; just a few miles south of the nations capital. From idolizing his father, Snake saw at an early age to not just hustle, but hustle hard, be loyal and stay humble along the way from watching his father birth a successful business from nothing. Eventually his immediate family grew into their own and settled in Woodbridge, VA. In Woodbridge. Snake had an infatuation with hip hop by listening to the likes of Nas, UGK, Scarface, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang and a host of others. Snake started free styling in hallway cuts and at lunch tables with his friends just for the love of the game, he never fathomed what could become of it. At that time Snake dubbed himself Picasso, as he was known to paint pictures with his word smithing. As years went on Snake kept his tongue sharp by having friendly battles with like minded individuals who he refers to as his brothers from another. In due time they formed a group called UNVA, which is short for, “You In VA” and “Up North Virginia”. UNVA went on to gaining a solid fan base in their hometown, getting spins on local hip hop radio stations and even winning an unsigned hype showcase for the Washington, DC area, which was sponsored by The Source magazine.

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