Irby "Mother's Day"

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Irby "Mother's Day" Music Video


Don't no other mother suffer like ours
tears can generate showers for hours
and the way they cry
is because of the way we die
or fail or have our lives wasted in jail.
Ain't hard for us to tell we need to prevail
When it comes to us raising our females and males.
some say we all have failed that might be true,
but ain't no other mother ever suffered quite like you,
and for all you do this song's for you
it belongs to you, to bring honor to you
for the next few minutes I'll be honoring you,
if you would let me attempt to give you the honor that's due.

I really like the way that you're there for us
the way you care for us even offering prayer for us.
Putting your life on the line time after time.
Standing tall for us giving your all for us.
Not always having a lot but still giving us all you got.
We listen to you because you, you call the shots,
and if we don't listen we know we might have to pay
because any day could easily be our last day.

No other mother suffers like ours simply because when compared to white women in this country our mothers are 3 to 4 times more likely to die when giving birth. No other mother suffers like ours simply because when compared to white women in the state of New York our mothers are 12 times more likely to die while giving birth, and for those that kept score, it didn't matter if they was rich or if they were poor. this study was conducted in the year of 2017, and when our mothers do survive giving birth they have to see the way that their children are beaten murdered and treated like nothing and to make things worse they have to see certain people get away with these crimes that are committed against their children.

We use to be crying like we was dying in the middle of the night,
you use to wake up to make sure that we were alright.
We were babies and we couldn't take care of ourselves,
so today just want to say thank you for your help.
As we got older we caused you even more pain,
even more storms and even more rain.
Now all I want to do is make you proud,
don't think there's nothing as beautiful as your smile.
Don't ever want to see you hurt no more,
so certain things, I don't do no more.
Life is getting wild, no time for living foul.
don't want you to have to go through the pain of losing a child.
I believe it hurts more than the pain at birth,
even though men can't explain the pain at birth.
As long as I remain on earth this shameful earth,
I will attempt to give you honor through all your pain on earth.

Now it might not be Mother's Day. It might not be Christmas, it might not be that special occasion that you waiting for, but we need to honor our mothers everyday because there was a time when everyday was our day. So this song is just a little thank you, for all that you are for all that you've been for us through out the years, through so many rough times, don't think we could have made it without you, so I just want to say... thank you.

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