JROB on the Track

JROB on the Track


About JROB on the Track: J.Rob (the Senior Audio Engineer/Music Producer for Hard Hitterz Incorporated) helps to get our sound recordings to the point of perfection. In most cases, he is also the arranger, composer and/or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to artist tracks. J.Rob is a super music producer and also serves as the President of Hard Hitterz Incorporated.

As well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, he is also in charge of the overall mixing engineer duties. He will liaise with the sound engineer (who concentrates on the technical aspects of recording) and keeps an eye on the overall projects marketability. J.Rob truly puts forth the effort in his beat-making skills and his production capabilities. No sound recording is ever too difficult for his talents.

Encouraging the best musical performance, J.Rob also coaches the artist on his/her delivery and direct the vocalists on their singing. Yes, he is an all-encompassing producer. He always act as the go-to guy when it involves protecting the artists’ interests with the sound recording. He listens and incorporates your needs for every recording that he is a part of.

His role is essential to the overall success of Hard Hitterz Incorporated. Additionally, the process of hiring a producer for an album project is a critical matter and should be considered pertinent to the overall success of the album. Especially if there is a reasonable recording budget involved. A person never wants to waste their money. So having J.Rob onboard with Hard Hitterz Incorporated has proven to be our most prized asset. And as an experienced producer, he may even help you with contacts to help promote your music and supply advice on publishing, collecting royalties and other aspects of the music business.

It is a fact that producers work in many different ways. Some like to take total control of the project, the invisible or documentary style producer records what has happened during a performance with as little influence as possible, and others prefer to collaborate with the artist, musicians and technicians as a creative partner to produce the best track possible. The latter type is exactly the type of person that J.Rob is. He is very modest, humble, dedicated, hardworking, and most importantly, a perfectionist.

He never releases a project that is halfway done or doesn’t meet his standards. Artists have the luxury of choosing J.Rob as their producer because he works well with others. Identifying with a producer that can work well with others is extremely important to the success of the overall project. Reflecting on his past projects, J.Rob has received a laundry list of credits as he has participated in numerous projects. If you interview his clients and spend some time getting to know J.Rob as a person, you will see that he is a great person inside and outside of the studio setting.

Hiring him is a very easy choice as he is very enthusiastic about music. He is very knowledgeable about music. He lives and breathes music. He knows the ins and outs of many genres of music and is objective enough to offer constructive criticism. Every artist needs someone that will provide an honest opinion whilst offering viable solutions that he/she will feel comfortable with. This is definitely the case with J.Rob. He will always be the producer of choice for anyone that has had the luxury of working with him.

J.Rob has produced numerous albums and sounds recordings for artists such as Young Noah DMV, Sherell Rowe, ACE, Majestro, Ameerah The Songstress, D’General, Crazy J, GoodPhella, POET, F.R.U., Shamara, M.O.E., and many others. Additional credits include: Cyhi Da Prynce & Yelawolf (Bulletproof) Redman, Compton Menace, Wiz Khalifa, Game and other major artists.

Lastly, he is also a member of the producer collaboration group entitled Something Slight alongside Lo Key.

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