J-Sun Infinity

J-Sun Infinity


About J-Sun Infinity: J-Sun Infinity (born Jason Charles Lawrence Moore; 4/11/1988) is an upcoming new wave/hip hop artist and writer. He was born to parents Ria Cunfer, an interior designer, and David Moore, a DJ/musician and ex football player; both retired military. Separated by military assignments, Jason grew up raised by his mother and 2 stepfathers, David Cunfer and Dennis Walker; also both retired armed forces and fathers to his younger brother and sister. In the midst of divorce and moving around, Jason still managed to be apart of a big family, splitting years in half with both sides of the tree. Being "raised on the road", as he describes it, has enabled his inspiration from life in general to create excellent songs of ventilation and expression at its finest. His straight forward yet off the wall delivery combined with slapstick personality, silver lined undertones, and old school background generates a burst of new electrifying energy with passion that hasn't been heard in music in this past decade.

Jason's first aspirations to be an entertainer/MC started with a love for stand up comedy and acting. He began writing at the age of 8 and was able to read before he could walk. He claims to have spent his childhood and upbringing in 10 different states in the US including time out of the country. "Where ever I laid my head down was my home; no pun intended. Everything that I am came from everywhere that I've been. Being a military brat and moving around a lot played a big part in that". Known for his spoken word poetry, creative writing, street cyphers and freestyles, Jason's first hiphop performances started off in Maryland where he graduated highschool in Ft.Meade. Since then, he has open mic'd, performed and hosted events in Georgia, Arizona, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C and the DFW area in Texas. Aside from his own music, he also has an EDM project with best friend, Dallas based producer and MC, Nagee. Together they make "Midnight City" and have a project set to release early 2015. Teamed up with Eastern Shore based producer; Matthew Matthematic along with others and himself, J-Sun Infinity maintains a very definitive sound that is fresh yet colorful and vintage. Though his heart lies on the east coast, He is currently located in the DFW area of Texas, where he reunited with his biological father after not seeing him for 20 years.

With the pen and pad being his bread and butter, Mr.Infinity considers himself to be his own genre. "My personality just fits everything. I grew up on worldly culture so my creativity palette seems endless to me. I'll never run out of ideas." You might see the numbers "888" on a consistent basis, often turned to the side, when it comes to the visual of this life seasoned protege. He describes it as the mark of never ending and inevitability; a sign of personal faith that things happen for a reason and that this is life. "...and we can't escape it. You can get out of any number in between 1 and 9; but you cant out of an 8. It's infinite. Its never ending, Its supernatural. Its life everlasting. And I plan to make it to where people can use this new way of looking at life as their own; separate yet equal with not with those around you but with the world. The rest of the explanation is a whole 'nother story."

From song to jingle; from story to slogan. From happy to sad, good to bad, color to color, place to place, face to face, J-Sun Infinity represents everything and will be someone to watch for many years to come.

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