Kid Named Breezy

Kid Named Breezy

About Kid Named Breezy: In Hip-Hop, paying it forward is about continuing a legacy of musicianship that represents an authentic voice of the people; and for Virginia bred emcee, Breezy, whose mantra is ďspeak with purposeĒ that is precisely what he intends to do. Young Bradley Hunt was raised in the small city of Alexandria Va. At the age of 14 months, he suffered the tragic loss of his mother at the hands of a drunk driver. Raised by his father, a self made entrepreneur, Breezy remembers those early lean years with his father as playing in intricate role in formulating his love for music. Long car rides listening to his dadís live band CDís and then favorite rapper, Will Smith, planted the seeds that would grow into a skilled passion.

At the age of 11 Breezy discovered his gift of poetry. His capacity to marry words and emotions caught the eye of an author who wanted to publish the writings of the young scribe in a book, but the Breezy thought nothing of it. By the age of 15 his love of words had transcended to music and he began writing songs. Currently in his first year of college, his natural ability as a ball player has kept him busy and kept his name on the lips of scouts at colleges including Stanford, Rutgers, St. Johns and several others. For Breezy, however, a college basketball career is somewhat of a plan B as the burning in his spirit beats in RPMís and he canít deny his desire to want to do music.

As a student and adherent of all genres of music, his conscious was touched as he began to find his own voice by learning from the essence of those he admires like Tupac, Nas, Tribe Called Quest, The Fresh Prince, and Jay Z. At a young age the humility of being raised by a self made man taught the young visionary how to appreciate the life that hard work has afforded, but more importantly the lessons that come with the struggle. ďI donít feel like a lot of the music that is out now can be considered whatís fundamentally known as Hip-hopĒ Breezy explains ďI feel like a lot of people just use it to make a quick buck and arenít concerned with delivering a message. I want to make music that says something and speaks to people. I want the message in my music to far out live my physical life.Ē

His debut mixtape, Snap Back With a Life Full, features features by Pusha T and Black Cobain. "Pusha T (the Clipse) showed me love because of their relationship with Tony Draper and it's big to have a vet like him working with me on my project." However, Breezy isnít keen on having any other features on his project until he establishes himself a little more in the game. Now, as he prepares for his new tape entitled '93', KNB will embark on a new journey of his music. The stepping stone was placed, but now the stairs have to be built.

When it comes to his music Breezy wants to leave the listener with a feeling and something to think about so he makes the conscious decision to remain reflective and relevant without sounding preachy. ď Everything that glitters isnít gold and sometimes people tend to think that when it comes to living the life of a rock star. I make feel good music because music is a healer. I want my fans to enjoy life and ride the struggles out knowing that joy is on the other side if you just continue the journey.”

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