Kingpen Slim

Kingpen Slim

About Kingpen Slim: Hailing from a city of its own, D.C., full of history and enriched with the cultural presence of music and dance, to name a few, brings forth Kingpen Slim. Co-CEO and the flagship artist of Beam Up Entertainment, Kingpen Slim has definitely shown his drive and motivation in reaching the top. And with his strong cultural background from the prominent area of D.C., Uptown Baby, Kingpen Slim brings fourth something different to Hip Hop; he is the sound of this new Hip Hop era. Kingpen Slim creatively links his style with what was paved by legendary hip hop artists, such as Jay Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur and local Legends such as, Los of Backyard Band and B Luv of Simplicity.

Linking the styles of his greatest inspirations, Kingpen Slim has been able to create a voice of his own. “I want to be remembered as an artist who paved the way for all the other rappers coming outta DC, something legendary. Someone the next group of artists can measure themselves against, a bar for them to reach for so to speak. I've got friends that are in prison, some who are on the streets and going through personal issues or whatever…I have an opportunity at a better life,” states Kingpen Slim.

Kingpen Slim is truly on the right path to becoming a legendary artist from the DMV. With the noise his music is creating on the airwaves as the sound of a new Hip Hop movement, he is destined to be the lyrical voice of the DMV!

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