King Suave

King Suave

About King Suave: Devonte Marquis Burrell (better known as King Suave’) was born November 3, 1990. He is a speaker of free spirit, lover of the ladies, lover to the music and 1 of kind type of guy. Unlike the average Rapper or Entertainer he didn’t always have the ruff street filled life in his hometown of Washington DC. He didn’t always have the best raised by a single mother but had valuable family member in his life to compensate for him not always having that fatherly in figure in his household. But not even those loved one could ultimately hide the struggle he did have to overcome.

Never being the biggest or tallest guy King Suave’ had to make his presence known in a big way whether it is sports, fighting, or just going for the ladies. By the time he reached high school he had changed school 9 times. Never having that 1 true friend he became self-sufficient doing what he could to maintain what he thought was the typical teenage lifestyle, therefore woman and music became his outlet. In the 9th grade writing lyrics and random thoughts that came to mind became his outlet. By his senior year that lyrical journal had become his best friend. In January 2010 King Suave’ released a demo entitled “Voyce of tha City” which drew attention from his peers and few club promoters. In June 2010 Suave’ release his first Mixtape “Voyce of tha City Pt.2” including his hit singles “The Hatin Life" & "Cool James”. Not yet having a big fan base Suave’ had to personally print and go from mall to mall, neighborhood to neighborhood passing out free copies of his mixtape.

By 2011 King Suave’ grew a small buzz in Florida, California, and his hometown Washington DC. He took his music to an Island called Guam hoping to gain more exposure. He became an instant sensation performing in local clubs and bars opening for artist such as J. Holiday and the New Boyz in front of 3,000 fans also following them to open in Japan as well. J. Holiday gave him the inspiring words, “Do music that you love and that you feel not just for the people”. Suave' took those words and ran with it. Later in 2011 starting a brand and way of life entitled “GOODPOSTURE” with new GP clothing line, also dropping his first EP entitled “Life of Posture” on iTunes. July of 2012 he released and combination of freestyles and remixes and entitled the mixtape #StillTheChamp hoping to gain not only respect for his lyrical content but for his versatility with a new hit club banger “Liquor & Strippers”. #StillTheChamp had over 1,000 copies printed and given away to fans which raised his buzz and increased his YouTube views on the hit single “Liquor & Strippers” to 24,000.

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