Logic "Live On The Air" Lyrics

Live On The Air
Item# liveonair

"Live on the Air" Music Lyrics
I'm living abroad like the baddest bitch you've ever seen
Ain't about that hybrid shit but I'm all about the green
Making so many moves I need a dose of Dramamine
For rap I'm a fiend, come and test my team
I school MCs cause I'm the motherfucking dean
My cerebral cortex force, my trigger finger reflex
To bust techs like raw sex, ain't no tellin' what's next
I sling mixtapes like crack rocks
Watch snow bunnies chillin' in the backdrop, discussin' how the track rocks
Goddamn, I'm a miraculous man
And if I wasn't Logic, I'd be his number one fan
Beware I'm spittin fire cause the world is in dire need of an MC to admire
And set the bar higher
So I conspire, within my mind just had a friar
The rap Messiah, fresh to death so peep the attire
Feelin' like B Rabbit when he slaughtered De Loto
Get money, fuck bitches, and respect women the motto
You say potato, I say potato
You call 'em rappers but all I see is comedians
My future's lookin' XXL, they shit is medium
Call me Bobby Kennedy the way I fuck with Marilyn
MCs approach, take notes, and then I bury them
I'm out of this world, my studio's the planetarium
The way I flow, this shit is slicker than butter
The second I utter lyricism that leave all the rest in the gutter
I thought I told ya'll I'm the best, d-d-did I stutter?
I'll hit your mom in the head with a car bomb
just to blow her mind like Vietnam
Had a myspace account but my only friend was Tom
When I eat pussy I pretend that I'm speaking in Islam
Sike, It's a joke I swear that I'm not racist
To be honest I'll murder you no matter what color your face is
Punch you in the face if I catch you slippin' in braces
You want beef? I'll choke you to death with your own shoelaces
Sike, I swear I'm not a violent guy
Once upon time I brought a Super Soaker to a drive-by
Full of Kool-Aid and warm piss
My buzz is growing every day and when the swarm hits
Million dollar trips, sex at the Ritz
So rich I'll make bitches show Charlie Murphy their tits
Blow the competition to bits, leavin' the enemy lit
But I'm out cause there's women to please and money to get It's Logic

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