Logic "All I Do"

Item# logicallido

Logic "All I Do" Music Video

Ayo, shout out to Black Diamond
I got them Nikes on my feet as we speak, homie
Shout out to Mac .. Miller

All I do is rhyme, all I do is get this money
All I do is grind, play shows and chill with honeys
All I do is shine, tour the world, ain't it funny?
I'm one of a kind

[Verse 1]
My name is Logic, if you don't know by now, I'm always on my grind
And at this moment in time, Iím on a roll when I write this rhyme
Sitting behind Raheem Devaughn while heís passed out
'Bout to hit the station 'fore our gas is out
Look outside the window, I see shorties with they asses out
Oh my, good god you know we fly
They dreaming out the window watch how buildings pass me by
See I ainít signed but at this point in time
I feel like the 3-6-8th
Wonder of the world, just might steal your girl
All I do is rhyme and get money, thatís my repertoire
Holla at honeys, "Voulez-vous voucher avec moi, ce soir?"
Baby whatís the deal, have you ever heard of some shit so real?
(Cudi what up?) Itís going down, feeling like a millionaire
Riding with the top down, while the rest of the world just stare


[Verse 2]
This is the joint that when you hear it you like, "Thatís my shit!"
Maybe at a house party while you getting lit
Or while you cruising round town riding in a whip
One thingís for sure, you better get all of your friends hip
If a shorty like my music, then she a (bobbysoxer)
Got a booty, know how to use it, homie yes I rocks her
The second I jump on a stage, Iím rocking it, ainít nobody stopping it
Whoever goes on after me, Iím sorry, ainít topping it
Itís going down, feeling like a millionaire
Riding with the top down, while the rest of the world just stare


[Verse 3]
Ever since I was a youngin I knew Iíd break in the game
While you worshipped other rappers that leave you less entertained
I was strategizing, before people the knew my name
Fame, but I sell it sane on the road to success
Bumping Jay in the H.O.V. lane
Searching for wisdom in women but only getting brain
Yo quiero dormir contigo mi amorcito
I know we fight, but thatís poquito
Unless you do me foul like a free throw, then weíre finito


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