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About Lucky: Lucky is a music producer from Temple Hills, Maryland. She specializes in Rap, Hip Hop and Alternative music. Her unique, multifaceted style is reflective of her eclectic taste in music and has been referred to as “timeless,” based on her affinity for revamping classic sounds. Lucky’s adoration and respect for the classics was instilled at a young age as she studied classical piano in elementary school.

Once in high school, her love for hip hop became more prevalent and a deep-rooted passion for creating hip hop music was planted. After graduating college, she quickly became a known producer in her local area and began working on projects with local upcoming artists. With a strong foundation in classical piano and a strong love of hip hop, Lucky felt compelled to combine the two - along with old school 70’s funk – to introduce listeners to a unique sound like no other. Lucky is known in the DMV for those classic dark hip-hop tracks with a funk twist, which has become her signature sound.

Lucky was recently featured in, “Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter,” written by 5x Grammy Award winning producer, Devine Evans, which shares the stories of various female artists’ personal stories of chasing their dreams of a career in the music industry.

Lucky’s career plans are just as wild and expansive as her imagination in the studio. She not only seeks to produce music for artists, she also looks to compose music for film scores, video games and background music for television series. Her possibilities are endless. Lucky is exactly what the industry needs right now: a perfect blend of new innovation and old-school principles. “I am working towards becoming one of the most sought after music producers in the industry and I will stop at nothing until I am able to make a living doing what I love to do.”

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