About Mattik: Mattik is a testament to talent, passion pure grit. A soccer star in his own rights who is a natural just like his father a professional soccer player and coach, but his real passion and calling is a musician, rapper and storyteller. Mattik is told frequently that he exhibits’ the confidence of an amazing unique talent with creative rap styles and abilities. He started with just freestyle rapping in high school and during his college days at WVU when finally he saw that his talent had skyrocketed where he took that style and formatted it into writing songs and progressed even further. He has one album that he has put together, “Chapter One; Book of Matthew” and now he in the studio constantly working on the highly anticipated “Chapter Two; Book of Matthew” with all original beats and original lyrics. Don’t be confused with the title, Book of Matthew is purely a reference to the mind of MATTIK; Matthew Stara. Chapter One was released June of 2011 and “Chapter Two” tracks recorded at the world famous Omega Recording Studios in Rockville, MD by Grammy winning Sound Engineer Pete Novak. Chapter One was recently provided to a half a dozen people in the music business during the week of Jazz Fest 2012 in New Orleans. It was 100% consensus that Mattik had amazing talent; such as vision toward songs, a great voice, smooth and controlled flow, with the content of the songs being very thought provoking.

Ever since Mattik was 13 years old he has been writing lyrics. He is constantly and consistently been told that I had a natural gift and needed to take this further in life other than the streets and my local cities. He has gotten the opportunity to perform in front of many large crowds and shows; some including the Sprite Step Up Tour where he opened up for Lupe Fiasco, as well at West Virginia University opening up for Young Jeezy. With as many artist that are out in today's Hip Hop world rapping the same old tired lyrics about slapping yo bitches, Mattik is a breath of fresh air on the scene, still edgy and still thought provoking.

Chapter two is already making waves. The first released debut song “look at me Now” which has been renamed “time and Dedication” which does a better job of describing the emotions behind the lyrics reached viral numbers in just a few months. Mattik has teamed up with leading music producers MIDIOTS to finish out Chapter Two with hits like “Luxury Livin’. Music by Benno Calmbach are also included on “Wake Up, Good Morning; a rap about the daily grind of life.

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