Mizz A$h

Mizz A$h


About Mizz A$h: Mizz Ash (A.K.A Ashley Seymour) was born April 9, 1991 in upstate New York. Now in the DMV, she is making a name for herself within the music industry. Like most artists, she started out young, at the age of 12, listening to mainstream rappers such as Biggie, Tupac, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Twista; this is where it all began. Following up with her creative attitude and mindset, she was able to grow and succeed in many different aspects of entertainment/art. Not only does Ashley rap, but she is also talented in forms of creativity involving art (painting/drawing), playing instruments (drums, piano, and guitar), and is very knowlegable when it comes to producing her own beats with the latest software.

Mizz Ash has definitely taken her dream to the next level. Her lyrics say it all, "I dont want the money, the fame, or a label as my name...I just want the love", and that's where she distinctively differs from many other artists. Her music comes straight from her heart. Mizz A$h steps up to the mic with no fear in her mind, knowing that when a song is finished, it will feel great knowing shes accomplished something that she cares so much about; and that includes making anyone who listens to her music feel understood, appreciated, and worthy of their life. Ashley determined and motivated everyday to offer the workd her talent as she rises to the top!

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