Navy Cali Baby

Navy Cali Baby

About Navy Baby: Parker “NavyCAliBaby” Nelson was born in San Diego, California in 1992. He is the youngest of his siblings, all of whom expressed a love for music at an early age. Born to both parents in the military, he traveled heavily in his youth and quickly picked up a deep interest in music and sports. He started piano at the age of seven; learning music theory, he slowly shifted his interest to mastering the acoustic guitar and making his own music. It was not until later in his life, during High School, that he experienced some incredibly challenging times, during which he widely considered dropping out. The first hip hop CD he purchased was Tupac’s “Better Dayz”, of which he felt he could relate to Shakur’s raw emotion and somewhat comparable struggle. Though he did finish High School and graduate, his time out of school is when he found a new love and respect for hip hop and rap. Artists like Outkast, DMX, Nas, and Tupac were strong influences who steered his interest and his sound in the direction it is today.

In 2009, Nelson found out his father had been diagnosed with a severe case of Parkinsonism; a degenerative neurological disorder with no known cure. This brought he and his father very close as they were determined to beat it together. NCB’s lyrics became very emotional and somewhat malicious as his father’s condition worsened; he questioned his faith and if his father could ever improve. The two spent great amounts of time together and on February 11th, 2014, NCB’s mother told him that his brother had found his father at his home unconscious and not breathing. He was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

Not long after his father’s passing, NCB knew that himself and his music were here for a reason. He would mix and master the sounds and lyrics that transcribed from this traumatic life event as well as every day situations he faced afterwards. In the months to come his skill for music grew rapidly. It was then he decided to share his more serious and real music to his long time neighborhood friend, Patrick Harral. Patrick was astounded at the quality and amount of music NCB had created. The two teamed up, both sharing a passion for hip hop music and started creating CD’s and EP’s for friends and family. In 2015 they made a Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram to showcase NavyCAliBaby’s talent and love for the music and the industry. Word spread locally and many people drew an interest to what he was writing and producing out of his small, home-built studio.

This past April, his friend and music partner Patrick urged him to audition for the DMVlife Showcase part 13. He was accompanied by a large group of incredibly supportive friends and fans and his debut live performance was better than anyone could have imagined. He hopes that, like his current friends and fans, the DMV can recognize his talents and help him achieve what he believes he is destined to do.

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