Update: Shy Glizzy Clarifies His Controversial Interview

Update: Shy Glizzy Clarifies His Controversial Interview
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12/18/14 UPDATE: Shy Glizzy visited WKYS on Wednesday and sat down with Angie Ange to discuss his recent interview with Complex Magazine. He claims that a few of the comments were misquoted by the Complex staff and some of the other comments were simply misunderstood. Here is his interview with Angie Ange:

Glizzy is with out a doubt one of the brightest stars in the DMV right now. We have supported him non-stop since our launch in 2010. We have never heard him disrespect the DMV before, so if he says Complex Magazine messed up and there was a misunderstandingÖ he has earned the benefit of the doubt.

You can read his interview below:

Q: Based on the success of "Awwsome" and "Young Jefe" this year, what are the expectations you think people have of you going into this next project, Law 3?

A: People not looking at me as the "Awwsome" guy. You ainít hearing that about Shy Glizzy as a new artist coming out with a hit record, like "Damn, that's going to be his only record." People still want me how they wanted me two years ago, but it's more people now. My fanbase just growing and growing. People know that Iím not just coming and going. They know that Iím here to stay. I ainít rushing for a deal. Ainít no bad situation.

Q: Where, geographically, do you think people fuck with you and your sound the heaviest?

A: In my region and Down South. The West is catching on. Everywhere is gonna catch on because itís not fairytale music. Itís shit that everyone can relate to. "Awwsome" was a different type of song for an artist like me, but itís still a true song. I was talking street stuff, but I was feeling awesome. Everyone can relate to me no matter what race or who you are or how you feeling.

Q: Who do you enjoy working with the most? Who do you think matches your sound the best?

A: Future or PARTYNEXTDOOR. Boosie is my favorite artist, but I donít think heís the best collaborator for me.

Q: Why not?

A: It would be a great project, donít get me wrong. Itís a different time and age now. My sound and his sound, it clicks for the street. But for long term who I think would be best is someone with a nice sound who got a unique voice that donít sound like anybody else.

Q: Do you think of yourself as a Southern artist or DMV artist?

A: D.C., that's all. No Southern or DMV. People compare me to Southern artists. Zaytoven told me that Iím his favorite artist, and he from the Bay, but he's used to the South. Heís used to Gucci, Migos, and Young Thug, and they're all Southern people. Most blogs always say I got a North Atlanta rap style. They be saying anything.

Q: What is the DMV sound to you then?

A: Virginia people sound different. Maryland people sound like they want to sound like everyone else or D.C. Iím the D.C. sound. Iím creating it right now through this tape.

None of my songs sound the same. None of them. I take R&B beats and put it as a rap song or hip-hop beats and put them as a R&B song. A lot of people are boring. I donít like boring music. Everybody sounds the same like they copying.

People will know the king of D.C. after this tape. No doubt about it. No cocky shit. Iíve been working my ass off.

Q: For this project, how do you know when itís finished? Do you think these songs will go hard on radio or these will go hard in the club?

A: I never been an artist that called and knocked on radio to get my records played. I never really pushed "Awwsome" to radio, to tell you the truth. I recorded like 100 songs, I had like 40 on the tape, the label told me put 12. I narrowed it down to 17 on iTunes and 15 on DatPiff. Itís just like shit I have to pick whatever fits my situation right now and how I'm feeling in life. When I dropped Young Jefe, thatís how I was living. Itís cold outside, man. Cold world. Somebody got to tell íem. Somebody got to warm the holidays up.

Q: So youíre going to make us wait for the PARTYNEXTDOOR song, huh?

A: I got a lot of shit y'all got to wait for. I ainít really put a lot of features on this tape. I got a lot of features (coming later).

Q: Whose idea was the PARTYNEXTDOOR track?

A: We clicked up on our own. He really was trying to get on "Awwsome," but when I sent it to him, he was like "Shit, I canít do what you already did on there." There was a different energy, people couldíve did a better verse, but the energy that I brung on the song, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I was jumping up and down when I did that song, but I liked the remix and how it turned out.

Q: Do you have any urge to work with more D.C.- or Baltimore-based artists?

A: I give people in those regions verses all day long. I work with artists that people donít recognize their music. Itís not up to me, I gave you the verse. Your shit ainít popping, and the people that are popping, you see what they was doing to me [when I was] coming up.

There ainít enough people up here with me, straight up. I'm up here by myself. At the top. Our city doesnít have that many rappers that got me like "damn," or [else] they would come with me.

Q: Why do you think that is?

A: They copying everyone else's style. They wanna copy my style, Migos style. They donít know their own style. Wale got his style. Fat Trel, I donít know what style he got.

Ainít no doors going to be open for niggas that just hate on each other. Thatís what they did in Chicago.

Why I got to worry about anybody in D.C.? Nobody in D.C. is worried about Glizzy. You ainít never see a D.C. artist post something about Shy Glizzy. D.C. artists been hating on me from the get-go. I donít know why.

Q: When you think of D.C. as a rap scene...

A: óI donít think of it as that. I think of it for what it (DC) is: washed up. Itís a party city now. Goofy town. D.C. ainít proud of me at all. I do what nobody else does for D.C., and nobody tells me thank you. I ainít never seen nobody in D.C. support a project I put out.

Iím doing the biggest shit D.C. ever done in history, period. Nobody dropping records like Iím dropping except for Wale, and thatís different. D.C. want me dead or in jail, so what the fuck I'm supposed to want from them? Straight up.

Q: You have more projects planned out?

A: I got another one maybe right after this one.

Q: By March how many projects would you have out?

A: "Law 3", Glizzy Gang "Be Careful", and maybe the EP. I canít confirm the EP, but I can confirm the Glizzy Gang project.

Q: What's your label situation now? Youíre on 300, right?

A: Glizzy Gang, 300. Itís P&D, itís not really a deal. Iím independent. I do all of this, but I do appreciate 300 being in my corner. They back me with everything I do. They just made me a CEO.

Q: How did you end up in that situation?

A: I ainít looking for the situation; all these situations look for me. I mind my business. I own all my records. I do everything, and [300 is] backing whatever I do. I got one of the best situations in the game right now. Nobody 21 [years old] really got this situation that I got going on. Iím working with legends, top of the food chain. Itís an honor.

Interview from Complex Mag on 12/7/14
Opinion piece above written by: Amanda Wallace
Click Here to Read the Interview with Complex Mag

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