Born I Music ft. MacGuyver "I Cant Breathe"

New Music: Born I Music ft. MacGuyver "I Cant Breathe"
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Born I Music ft. MacGuyver "I Cant Breathe"

About Track: In the wake of the recent events in involving police/vigilante killings (Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin) and even missing children within the black community (see: Relisha Rudd), DC's own Born I Music responds with dynamic and poignant new record "I Can't Breathe" featuring his label mate MacGuyver.

The unapologeticly bass-heavy tune, produced by Madden Miles, is powerful, stirring, and reminiscent of production from Kanye West. "I Can't. Breathe" features Born I Music and MacGuyver trading perspectives on the black experience in America as they see it in its current form. Born opens the record with the innocence of youth as a point of reference, and its gradual corruption through the specter of racism, police brutality and self destruction. MacGuyver then delivers a chilling internal and external dialogue between oppressor and oppressed. Both verses are broken up with an excerpt from Jon Stewart's recent monologue expressing his outrage over the death of Eric Garner and the lack of a subsequent indictment on The Daily Show.

Finally, the track seems to switch from rage to mourning, as the bass and synths give way to a simple yet heartbreaking piano riff played by DC producer AJ Halpern, giving Born the floor once again to wax reflective over the melodic landscape. "I Can't Breathe" is a song that may very well capture what it is to be black in America today. It is a song mixed with rage, sadness and hope. The song ends on a tone reflecting Born I Music's Buddhist roots (when not on stage, he volunteers locally as a mindfulness meditation instructor) and ideology: "All life is precious".

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