Javier Starks "Dead Man Walking"

New Music: Javier Starks "Dead Man Walking"
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Javier Starks "Dead Man Walking"

About Song: House Studio DC Emcee Javier Starks follows up his last release "Reloaded" (Featuring Homeboy Sandman & Substantial) with "Dead Man Walking". This time Javier takes on Kendrick Lamar's underground hit "Rigamortis". Jav sends shots at the industry's lackluster approach and names a few Emcees who he's constantly compared to. He asks: "If everybody is KILLING THE GAME then why am I still here?" Thus the song's new title. Javier Starks is gearing up for his "Radio Ready" release this April. Expect more from Javier Starks soon.

Song Lyrics: Told me somebodyís nicer, I inquired who toldím lies cause Iím sweet as mother theresa, and sharp, Iím smart as macguyver

A problem in the metropolis, rappers robotic, now feast your eyes on apocalypse, hot as grease when I get it popping

Itís constant go check the documents, jav and ill are synonymous, written preposterous, kill it, rock it like metalocalypse who stoppingímÖ NOBODY!

j, cole

Ö Iíd body simba in the jungle and feed him to the hyenas, Iím mean as Scar with the bars and your bars just a misdemeanor

You food for thought is some rubbish, your rubbish do nothing to him, I love it your flow manure They bugging Timon and Pumba

For thinking that you were better they better assume Iím hotter I gotím itís not a problem! holla! Hakuna Mutata!

These rappers is basic my flow a basically hog tieím, you waiting to be the king gone be waiting a long time

Thatís my vision Rafiki they seemingly gone blind I spit it until they deceased fatality flawless rhymesÖ he dead/

BIG sean

They said that I wouldnít make it, Iím almost finally famous, they know my flow is the shhhh, your flow is obviously anus

I shine like the lights in vegas blazing the haters hate how my status climbing on the web hard to picture it ďJJ.JamesonĒ

They should take a hiatus stick to “Mo & ChardonnayĒ, I tellím ďhold up hold upĒ Iím really about to blow so many are waiting

i put it together but not a mason you made up your foundation amazing I found my face on favorite playlists cross the nation

Listeners listening envisioning a vicious invasion I toldím Iím taking over, Iíd put that boy in the pavementÖ he dead.

Shout out to the homie Los, he was the cityís only hope, but when Diddy gon take him off the shelf yo heaven only knows so he dead.


He probably ghost writing he probably freestyling, he probablyÖ NAH, I rather not be signed, I rather be recording, rapping, releasing, getting mine, Iíd trade that little bit of cake for a little piece of mind.

Donít let me get started peeps calling hollering ďset it OFF Jav,Ē really feminine men, Nicki better than all yíall and Ra better than Nicki, RatheMC thatís my dawg for the scratch we like Stevie J hard to keep our paws offÖ

Hear me? Spread my little wing like Jimi The whole game sucking, veterans, got hickies!

Shining but got no diamonds on my neck like Smitty pity lost big L but atleast we still got biggie

ďHe deadĒ, I forgot, ďAmenĒ, itís a shame, ďHe deadĒ, youíre not forgotten, ďAMENĒ , i feel your pain!

ALMOST nice as me? I can think of a few namesÖ WHO!?!? Lyrically Iíll hang him from his 2chains! =p

mgk, big krit, tech nine, kirko bangz, drake, tyga, lil wayne

kendrick lamar

Dear kendrick, you were one of the few rappers they mentioned who they THOUGHT could go head to head with he who has your attention, I hate to bear bad news, but Iím on a mission got a one track mind and you wouldnít even survive the collision. and this is a crash course, in spitting Iíll fast forward to crushing the competition feet up on the dashboard

This what hustlers and people who struggling ask for, hot artists who keep it honest you liars barely past warm! But I drop fire Iím mad strong, ima street fighter like Capcom, Iíll never retire to beat him you better be willing to hire a task force

Got it locked like Iím John Cena, they couldnít serve a subpoena that make me a shooting star and I donít even need a nina he the MEANEST nah mean they say that they kings but really they queens Iím competing with thumbalinas clearly the reason Iím undefeated!

Cause Iím the monstrous monster who conquered all of the conquerors, slaughtered the slaughterers made the hardest artist a martyr Iím single so I need a Mrs but I been busy been getting this paper so give me Tiara Thomas a date Teyana Taylor <3 bout to be buzzing just like a cicada, ya local rapper your favorite rapper nameím, ANY rapper nameím Iím GREATERÖ

They tellím be the best you can be, but messing with ME!? The BEST is something youíll never be! Iíll forever be hotter than Texas alot of these vetís is over the hill like Beverly. They ask, why you push rhymesÖ I tellím I came to crucify these actors on the ďYĒ on the Hollywood signÖ Got the soul of a poet, the soldier who wrote it, took it, focused, combined with finesse and comprised a message, without requesting they supplying respect! Haters watch your step or get riggidy wrecked like Das Efx out for the throne so Iím coming for Jigga drizzy and Nas Iím nextÖ Hahaha whaddup hov?

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