Nikko Knight

Nikko Knight

About Nikko Knight: Musician Nikko Raashad Knight was born on December 29th, 1989–started rapping at the tender age of 10. He began his career using the name “Knight-mere” as his stage name but, that all changed after making the decision to change it yet again to “Nfinite”. The word “Infinite” and its meaning inspired Nikko. The definition of Infinite is: No limits; no boundaries. This pretty much described Nikko’s way of doing and being at that time and thought it was appropriate to adopt the name. He used this name for two years only to find out that there was another rapper using the name “Infinite Skillz” who happened to be (5) years his senior. After all the confusion among Nikko’s supporters and Infinite Skillz fans, Nikko thought it best to give up his reigns. After sitting down putting pen to paper, which is what he does best, trying to come up with another stage name, he decided that it is so much easier to just be himself, rather than trying to be someone else and decided to go with his real name “NIKKO” pronounced “Nee-ko”.

ince the changing of his name for the last time he has been going stronger and working harder than ever before. His latest inspiration has been enrolling himself into the OMEGA Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, located in Rockville, Maryland. Although, he has faced lots of challenges in his career, he realizes that this is no reason to stop or to quit learning or trying to improve upon ones self.

Nikko’s philosophy still remains..that whatever he sets his mind to, his belief is that he can achieve whatever his mind can conceive. While still searching for his signature style he has developed a nice word play and versatility in style as it relates to his deliverance in his music. Nikko started writing lyrics in 1999 and started recording in November 2004. His plans are to concentrate on doing live venues locally and regionally as well as continue recording new material in the studio to build his portfolio simultaneously as he works on expanding his career, nationally as well as internationally. Please continue to look out for upcoming projects in the future.

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