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About Nuf$ed: Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, a place where there are very few successful entertainers, especially rappers, Nuf$ed is ready to take control of the future of hip-hop for his city. The DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area has seen its share of rappers and producers make it into the industry mainly by way of Virginia with The Neptunes, Timbaland, & The Clipse, but D.C. and Maryland have yet to break ground. Nuf$ed has a plan that can put the rumors that D.C. and Maryland rappers can’t really spit to bed.

“Just rap about what u know about. It’s that simple,” Nuf$ed says. “If u out there rappin’ bout slangin’ drugs & poppin’ a million niggas somebody is gon’ wanna test that. Spit about what u know. That’s how u get fans & the recognition u deserve.”

With his fourth album on the horizon, Nuf$ed has seen his share of ups and downs in his long journey with music. After a short stint with Red Line Entertainment (one mixtape appearance), he moved on to SkyHigh Recordz. This moved seemed promising, but, of course, looks are often deceiving. After a mixtape, two albums that were basically unused, and numerous performances including a trip to New York, a misunderstanding between Nuf$ed and label head E-Skillz turned into a split between Nuf$ed and the label.

Nuf$ed describes the situation as “a misunderstanding that could’ve gotten taken care of without a problem”. Although the split caused things to slow down for a brief stretch, Nuf$ed has started his own record label (G.I.T. Records) and released his first album under the label “Back On My GRIND” in January 2010, and is currently working on "Dedication: The Long Road". “With this album you’ll hear all of the shit I went through on this musical journey,” he says. “I’m just trying to bring this DMV movement to the forefront because a lot of the rappers from this area like Wale or Tabi (Bonney) don’t represent the struggle of really, really trying to make it. I don’t think they speak for the true underdogs. I’m here to do that.”

Now, with a growing buzz in Maryland and D.C. due to numerous performances and guest appearances, Nuf$ed is prepared to take hip-hop to a new level in the DMV area. “I gotta be the one to make shit pop, man. I’m tired of bullshittin’,” he says. “I hope y’all ready for it. Because I know I am.

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