About PHZ-Sicks: PHZ-Sicks (pronounced Physics) is a hip hop artist hailing from Woodbridge, VA and a budding artist in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music scene. PHZ-Sicks is an artist that strives to produce music that last for years and not gone tomorrow. The Drexel University graduate describes his music as “a film seen through the eyes of a young black male moving up socially, economically, and artistically in the world.” This is reflected by his music that ranges from songs on relationships, party/feel good tracks to songs about social injustice enveloped in catchy hooks and wordplay.

PHZ-Sicks came on to the scene in 2008 and released his free mixtape, "The Feature Presentation.” For two months, he crafted a well put together mixtape of exclusives and songs featuring him with Top 40 songs and songs from the past, present, and future. Numerous music blogs, such as Hip Hop Update & D Dot Omen, posted the mixtape and has to this date over 3,000 downloads. owner, Michael Dylan wrote “"The amigo PHZ-Sicks comes through with his debut mixtape “The Feature Presentation”, which is miles ahead of a ton of the independent mixtapes I get sent." After TFP, the doors were opened. PHZ-Sicks started to do shows in Philly, Washington, DC, New York, and Chicago. His stage show, Judy 5000 of The Glass House wrote “"The crowd was up on their feet, and PHZ-Sick's continued to kill his performance. “

The following year, PHZ-Sicks released the conceptual mixtape, "Less Than Zero" which was presented by Hip Hop Update & 9.ine4.our3.hree Clothing. The mixtape dropped and received great response from blogs such 2DopeBoyz & As of today, LTZ’s “Don’t Give Up” has been played on Philadelphia’s Power 99 and “Fresh Cut” has been played on Washington DC’s 93.9 WKYS. During this time, he has been making rounds on sites such as 2DopeBoyz, DDotOmen, collaborating with other artist, blogs, and DJs, interviews and setting his future in the entertainment industry.

Currently, this 2011 DMV Best VA Male Rap Artist nominee is setting the trail for himself released his latest project, “The Laws of PHZ-Sicks” sponsored by Hip Hop Update, Philadelphia-based clothing line ANMLHSE, and LA-based hat line Quintin Co on January 5th, 2011. With a live instrumentation backdrop mixed with an ambient sound brought by producers such as Hudson Mohawke, Best Kept Secret, Flying Lotus, Xtraordinary Gentlemen, Theolonious Dre, Epik Da Dawn, and others, provides a huge and intricate sound that perfectly fits the lyrics of PHZ-Sicks. The buzz has opened the stage for him to open for established acts such as Maybach Music's Wale, Roc Nation's J.Cole, and So So Def's Dondria. Welcome to "The Laws of PHZ-Sicks".

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