PRINCE BAMBII - Kno-Mii: Fall Szn

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Prince Bambii "Kno-Mii: Fall Szn" Album

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DMV Life Review: Prince Bambii, the talented DMV artist, invites us on a musical journey with his latest album, "Kno-Mii: Fall Szn." This project serves as a tantalizing glimpse into his evolving sound and artistry, as he delves into new musical territories. The album's thematic artwork, designed by Prince Bambii himself, embraces the essence of the fall season, setting the tone for the listener. With a promise of a deluxe edition featuring two additional tracks by year-end, it's clear that Prince Bambii is just getting started. Collaborating with producers Black Surfer Beats and Petrofsky, the album showcases a range of musical styles, with tracks like "Jeff" offering a lyrical feast, "Cotton Mouth" delivering the ultimate party anthem, and "Every Rose" providing a soothing and chill vibe. "Kno-Mii: Fall Szn" is a testament to Prince Bambii's growth and versatility as an artist, and it leaves us eagerly anticipating what's to come next in his musical journey.

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